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Family Life Magazine is a print publication of Family Life International NZ intended for Friends for Life and others who are interested in pro-life and pro-family news and events.  Family Life is published at least once a year. Printed copies of editions are available on request.

Family Life Magazine Spring 2022.  A publication of Family Life International NZ.

Family Life – Spring 2022

Contents: We’re called to stand firm in truth • Assisting mothers in need • Exorcising pro-death demons • Life is God’s gift • Language matters • March for Life • Evangelium Vitae: For a new culture of life • Psalm 139 • Euthanasia’s toll in first year • Teaching youth about sexuality • Aniversary Joy • Melanie’s Story  • Introducing Barbara Lee • Upcoming Events

Family Life Magazine Autumn 2022.  A publication of Family Life International NZ.

Family Life – Autumn 2022

Contents: The future of humanity rests in the family • Celebrating 30 years of serving life, faith, and family • The Wine of Marriage • Abortion Law Reform • Looking at the 2020 Figures: Induced Abortion in New Zealand • AMAC contracted by DHBs to abort pre-born children • Dangerous abortion phone line set up by Ministry of Health • “Safe area” Bill becomes law • Catholic Gifts: your local prolife, profamily faith store • Euthanasia becomes a tragic reality in New Zealand • Samaritanus Bonus: on the care of persons in the critical and terminal phases of life • The problem of sexuality education in Catholic schools  • A prayer for the family • The current landscape our young people are growing up in • Upcoming Events

Family Life December 2020 magazine cover

Family Life – December 2020

Contents: A year of death, but life will triumph • Faith is the light in darkness • NZ’s new extreme abortion law • Freedom of conscience restricted for health practitioners • Total Fertility Rate hurtles towards catastrophic low • Auckland DHB’s looking for abortion providers • The impact of prayerful vigils – stories from the street • Safe area legislation threatens to shut down peaceful prayer vigils • Gianna’s Choice brings hope • National March for Life • Bishop gives encouraging homily at Mass for Life • Relationship and Sexuality Guidelines: What every concerned parent needs to know • Parents, primary educators of their children • A majority vote ‘yes’ to euthanasia and assisted suicide • Euthanasia’s slippery slope • Next Generation • Upcoming Events

Family Life – December 2019

Contents: Seeing the face of Christ in all  • Never give up living the Gospel of Life • The Chromosome of Love • Parliament passes euthanasia bill • The Facts: End of Life Choice Act What you need to Know • How we got here… more than 20 years of political debate (euthanasia) • Beware of euphemisms • Lessons to learn from overseas experiences • Lifting hearts and minds to God • The philosophy behind a peaceful presence outside abortion centres • Gianna’s Choice Pregnancy Options and Support • FLI’s Oral Submission to the Abortion Legislation Committee • Adoption is a life and love giving choice • The Social Doctrine of the Church: Human Rights • Proclaiming the Gospel of Life and Love in Wellington • Pilgrimage for Life  • Celebrating life at all stages • Upcoming Events

Family Life – Special Edition – August 2019

Read Bishop Patrick Dunn’s covering letter to this issue of Family Life magazine.

Contents:  Protecting the most innocent • The Abortion Legislation Bill what you need to know • What does the legislation allow? • What are the long term implications? • Current abortion law in New Zealand • How to make a submission • Abortion Legislation Committee Members • FLI Press Release regarding the Abortion Bill • To women who have had an abortion • Every life is precious • The physical and psychological impact of abortion • Life Before Birth • From the Catechism of the Catholic Church • Looking at the 2018 figures: Induced abortion in New Zealand • Pro-Life apologetics: tips on how to defend life • Upcoming Events

Family Life Magazine, August 2018 - a publication of Family Life International NZ

Family Life – August 2018

Contents:  Truth, Freedom and God’s Grace • Saint Gianna Beretta Molla – Bearing fruit that will last • Humanae Vitae A Synopsis • Humanae Vitae at 50 • The Challenges of Natural Family Planning Lead to Virtue • Morality and the New Evangelisation • Respect Life Month 2018 – Living the Splendour of Truth Pro-Life, Pro-Family Conference • Peace Found in the Cross and the Glory of the Risen Christ • Abortion by Stealth • Life, Death, Hate Speech and the Truth • A Glance at the 2017 Abortion Statistics • The Joy of Welcoming New Life • Family Life International NZ Centre News • Gianna’s Choice Pregnancy Options and Support • Upcoming Events


Family Life – April 2017

Contents:  Honouring a great servant of life • Serving life, faith and family • Power and love • 40 Years on – calls for abortion law to be reformed • 40 Days for Life • The attack on life, faith and family and the hope of Fatima • Veritatis Splendor • Serving Life:  News from our John Paul II Centres for Life and Pregnancy Centres




Family Life – July 2016

Contents:  Proclaiming life with great love, unending hope and abundant joy • My soul glorifies the Lord • Pro-death demon • Fewer births and abortion for NZ teens • A glance at the 2015 abortion statistics • Saint Gianna Beretta Molla – a saint for our times • Litany of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla • Created by love for love • Under the Roman Sky • Parents as primary educators and the dangers of sexuality education • Euthanasia – legalising killing • The modern day calvary • Serving Life:  News from our John Paul II Centres for Life and Pregnancy Centres • The real school bully – gender ideology


Family Life  – September 2014

Contents:  Living the Gospel of Life • A few words on learning from history • Saint John Paul II, Pope of the Family • Rome Life Forum • Nazi doctrine of ‘life unworthy of life’ is at root of pro-abortion ideology • March for Life Rome 2014 • Reported abortions on the decline • 40 Days for Life reflecting on the Wellington experience • 40 Days for Life and the new evangelisation • Abby Johnson to visit New Zealand • Frozen with an expiry date • The hidden truth – the push for abortifacient birth control • Hannah’s story – living with Jadelle • Mary’s story • What about abortion in the case of rape? • Regional News – building a culture of life in New • Spiritual adoption of the preborn child


Family Life – December 2013

Contents:  Speaking up for our children • New John Paul II Centre for Life opens in Dunedin • Rise up together in the service of life • Ten important facts about the New Zealand Family Planning Association • A spotlight on sexuality education • Wisdom from the Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality • How do we reclaim a marriage culture? • The stark reality of abortion in New Zealand • The push for abortion reform • I once was lost but now I am pro-life • 40 Days for Life • Prayer for those who have lost a child to abortion • Baby central at the Auckland John Paul II Centre for Life • NZ advocacy group Saving Downs joins others in urging US Supreme Court to address prenatal discrimination • A prayer for families • The global sexual revolution – destruction of freedom in the name of freedom • End of life choice bill removed from ballot but euthanasia has not gone away • Keeping busy in Wellington • A few words on fundraising for this vital apostolate • A story of hope

family life cover march 2013

Family Life – March 2013

Contents:  A few words – Colleen Bayer, National Director • Reflecting on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI • Living the way of Mary at Auckland’s Family Life Crisis Pregnancy Centre • Family Fun Day • Colleen Bayer in the Order of Saint Gregory the Great • Pro-life speakers to tour NZ in April • Serving life, faith and family in Wellington and beyond • Questioning the benefit of Jadelle • FLI farewells are resident midwife • Tactics of the pro-euthanasia lobby – verbal engineering • Euthanasia definitions • Daily prayer for life • The Church and the legal recognition of homosexual unions • 35 years of the Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act


Family Life – October 2012

Contents:  A few words – Colleen Bayer, National Director • Current issues in Parliament • MPs who voted against the Marriage Amendment Bill • 8 Good Reasons to Oppose the Marriage Amendment Bill • End of Life Choice Bill • Action and Suffering as settings for learning hope • Courageous parenthood – the story of Chiara and Enrico Petrillo • Saving precious lives • Family Life Crisis Pregnancy Centre update • Loving every child defying eugenics • International criminal court case – exposing the eugenic nature of NZ’s antenatal screening programme • LifeFest 2012 • October is Respect Life Month – what can you do to promote life, faith and family? • Supporting families after an adverse prenatal diagnosis • Project Rachel • Strategic laws that protect life


Family Life – May 2012

Contents:  A few words – Colleen Bayer, National Director • Heartbeat Conference • Euthanasia – will New Zealand embrace the culture of death? • 10 reasons to say no to euthanasia • Prayer for the respect of life • Pro-life stations of the cross • Introducing some of the team • So how can you help?




Family Life – December 2011

Contents:  From Father Linus Clovis • Living the Gospel of Life • Preserving innocence in today’s world • 10 ways to protect your child’s innocence • 30th anniversary of Familiaris Consortio • Pope Benedict’s three wishes for Christmas




Family Life – October 2011

Contents:  From our Director, Colleen Bayer • Volunteers… where would we be without them • Wellington John Paul II Centre for Life • FLI joins forces and shares resources • What can you do to help?





Family Life – February 2011

Contents:  From the Director’s Desk • Prayer vigil for all nascent life • Prayer for the unborn • Sisters of Life • Why marriage matters to children and to the common good • Crusade for the Family Prayer • Celebrating 30 years of Familiaris Consortio • Crossing the Rubicon • Beatification of John Paul II • The Catholic Family in the Modern World • 5th World Prayer Congress for Life




Family Life – July 2010

Contents:  From the Director’s Desk • Respect for unborn human life – the Church’s constant teaching • A short history of abortion in New Zealand • What is RU-486? • Abortion Statistics • Abortion law reform? • Milestones of Life • Reduction of embryos – a teaching from Dignitas Personae •  What can you do? • Billings in NZ • Reasons for hope • Theology of the Body • Prayer to end abortion




Family Life – May 2010

Contents:  From the Director’s Desk • Photo Gallery with Francis Cardinal Arinze • Honouring our volunteers • FLI Activities • Saving Lives





Family Life – February 2009

Contents:  From the Director’s Desk • Sisters of Life • An amazing experience of faith at the sixth World Meeting of Families 2009 • Message of His Holiness Benedict XVI for Lent 2009 • Life Actually • The struggle for the soul of America • Saint John Bosco’s famous dream of 1862 • What can you do? • World News • A doctor’s wisdom

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