40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life in New Zealand

Worldwide since 2007
16,004 lives saved | 190 abortion workers have quit | 100 abortion centres closed

Since 2014 we know of 6 babies that have been saved because of your prayers, presence and sacrifices!

40 Days for Life works! It offers hope and saves lives!

In New Zealand Family Life International NZ sponsors 40 Days for Life vigils in Auckland and Wellington during Lent as part of our ongoing mission to end abortion and build a culture of life and love through prayer, education and service. The vigils are peaceful and prayerful.

Other individuals and groups, independent of FLI, may also facilitate a 40 Days for Life vigil. These vigils will be advertised on this page alongside the FLI sponsored vigils when they occur.

To learn more about 40 Days for Life, its mission and worldwide impact please visit the official 40 Days for Life site: 40daysforlife.com

The next 40 Days for Life vigil in New Zealand will occur in Lent 2020. Please contact the team at Family Life International NZ to find out more.

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