Induced abortion refers to the intentional taking of human life in the period between fertilisation (conception) and birth. Another name for abortion is “termination of pregnancy.”

Medical professionals can refer to miscarriage as a spontaneous abortion. The discussion on these pages, unless otherwise stated, only refers to induced abortion. It does not refer to naturally occurring miscarriages or stillbirths.

Currently the Abortion Legislation Committee is receiving submissions on the Labour government’s abortion bill. Find out how to make a submission here.

NZ induced abortions 2018

NZ abortion statistics

NZ induced abortions 2018

NZ abortion statistics are compiled by Statistics New Zealand. They show how many abortions are in New Zealand each year. The statistics are released in June of each year.

Induced abortions, both surgical and medical, are carried out in hospitals and private clinics throughout New Zealand. By law, each abortion must be reported by law to the Abortion Supervisory Committee (ASC). The statistics are then composed into a report by the ASC, who present it to parliament.

Abortion Procedures

WARNING: Graphic content

There are various abortion procedures that are used in New Zealand. An induced abortion is the direct and intentional ending of a living human being. The methods fall into two general categories – medical abortion and surgical abortion.

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