Euthanasia Conference Talks

The following conference talks are on euthanasia, assisted suicide, suffering and hope. All presentations are from Family Life International’s conferences.

Alison Davis was a courageous woman who knew what suffering is. She understood the desire to die. But she found the strength to live. And live she did, with joy and gratitude and a determination to speak for the vulnerable and against euthanasia and assisted suicide. Alison died naturally on December 3, 2013. Here she tells her story at Family Life International’s pro-life conference in 2009.

Dr. Colin Harte, Ph.D. gives an important address regarding Euthanasia and the Meaning of Suffering at Family Life International’s recent pro-life, pro-family conference, Living the Splendour of Truth. Dr. Harte is a Board Member of Care Not Killing UK.

Father Jeremy Palman, a priest of the Auckland Diocese speaks on Euthanasia – a demonic caricature of mercy.

Learn more about euthanasia, assisted suicide and end of life care

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