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What are the Gianna’s Choice Centres?

Gianna’s Choice Pregnancy Options and Support is a service which aims to reach abortion vulnerable women throughout New Zealand.  Previously known as Family Life Crisis Pregnancy Centre and run by Family Life International NZ for more than 20 years, Gianna’s Choice Centres can be found in Auckland and Wellington.  These Centres are supported by the Mobile Life Centre.

What services do Gianna’s Choice Centres offer?

The Gianna’s Choice Centres offer

  • free pregnancy tests
  • confidential information about pregnancy options
  • pregnancy confirming ultrasound*
  • practical help, support and friendship for women, girls and families who are facing an unplanned or difficult pregnancy
  • information, support and advocacy for families who have received an adverse prenatal diagnosis
  • abortion recovery programmes according to individual need
  • referral for Natural Fertility Regulation education
  • sexual integrity (chastity) education

We extend a hand of friendship and support to those facing great challenges and assure them that they are not alone.  The Gianna’s Choice Centres, as programmes of Family Life International NZ, work with medical professionals to ensure mothers and their preborn babies receive the best standard of medical care.

Why a Mobile Life Centre?

Mobile pregnancy centres have been operating in the United States for several years are proving to be a great asset in saving lives and promoting the pro-life message within the communities in which they serve.  many calls are coming from the regions where we do not have Centres.  We always strive to serve every single woman and offer as much support as we can, often linking women up with Friends for Life who live nearby.  However, abortion advocates are working very hard to ensure they are reaching women in the regions as quickly as possible.  The Mobile Life Centre allows us to reach these women at a critical time in their decision making and offer them the support they require to choose life for their little one.

What purpose will the Mobile Life Centre serve?

The purpose of the Mobile Life Centre is four-fold.

  • Pregnancy Care:  In a culture where it is so easy to obtain emergency ‘contraception’ such as the Morning After Pill, or quickly arrange an abortion, it is vital for us also to provide a pro-life service that is easy to access and quick to respond.
  • Education:  Sharing the pro-life message and speaking on life issues around the country to large and small groups of various ages and interests.  A major part of Family Life International’s work is helping the public to be aware and informed about life issues from conception through to natural death and equipping people with tools and the knowledge they need to help build a culture of life starting in their own community.
  • Getting the message out there:  The Mobile Life Centre acts as a ‘moving billboard’.  Being a visible service is so important in today’s culture of advertising.  The van bears the message, not only to pregnant women, but to all who see it, that there are people willing and available to accompany women in making a life-affirming choice.
  • Making friends:  A space to connect with others who are passionate about the pro-life cause.  Travelling around the country we will be able to meet with our Friends for Life and others in support of our mission including volunteers who can accompany the women we serve and local area resources such as doctors, midwives, local church or community groups.

Who is Gianna?

The Centres are named after a very courageous and virtuous woman, Gianna Beretta Molla who in her fourth pregnancy was found to have a tumour (fibroid) in her womb.  She was faced with three options – abortion, hysterectomy or removal of the fibroid.

Gianna chose to have the tumour removed in order to give her child a chance at life.  She suffered greatly throughout the rest of the pregnancy and knew that death was a possibility.  With great faith she made it known to her family

If you must decide between me and the child, do not hesitate:  choose the child, I insist on it.  Save the baby.

Gianna Emmanuela Molla was born on April 21, 1962 by caesarean section.  Gianna’s health continued to decline and she died on April 28, 1962.

Canonised a saint by Saint John Paul II on May 16, 2004, Saint Gianna is the patron saint of physicians, mothers and unborn children.

Gianna’s choice was life.

Visit the Gianna’s Choice Pregnancy Options and Support website

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