FLI launches new programme equipping and supporting Catholic men: ‘Men of Saint Joseph’

Fatherhood is an authentic expression of masculinity; men are made for it and called to it. Most commonly realised in the begetting and raising of children, fatherhood is also expressed through adoption, in the spiritual fatherhood of a religious vocation, or played out in some other way.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, men are often ridiculed for showing respect to women and confidently leading their families. Many men have grown up not knowing their father or have a distorted understanding of being one. A breakdown of the belief that marriage is between one man and one woman, faithful and fruitful for life, or even necessary for the stability of raising children, has led to this tragedy. Adding to the decline of authentic masculinity, family life, and virtue is the gender confusion fed by a deluded ideology engulfing the Western world.

All of this has contributed to a crisis of fatherhood. 

A crisis of fatherhood is deeply rooted in a crisis of masculinity.  

When men are not strong in who they were created to be, it negatively impacts the whole of society, most especially the family, through which Saint Pope John Paul II reminds us, “the future of humanity passes.”

Men of Saint Joseph programme

The Men of Saint Joseph programme will consist of in-person meetings in which Catholic men will be equipped, encouraged, and exhorted to become more and more like St. Joseph, the protector of Jesus and Mary. 

Simon Archer, the programme’s co-ordinator, believes Saint Joseph is the best patron for such a mission. “His example in humility and virtue, his powerful presence in the Holy Family, and his effectiveness against forces of evil are unmatched among men, except Jesus,” he said.

The programme will lead men, both married and single, to grow in the following ways:

  • To answer Christ’s call to be holy in their vocation.
    ‘You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.’ – Matt 5:4-8
  •  To build character through, and in, their interior life and spiritual formation.
    Equip men to lead their wives and children – or future wives and children – to the glory of God, and in so doing, embody the characteristic of being humble, silent, and hidden, like St Joseph.
  • To build camaraderie in Christ with St Joseph.
    Providing a community where brothers in Christ can support, encourage, and assist each other in their vocation. 
  • To gain knowledge and skills.
    Learning how to provide sound catechesis within their families and present effective apologetics within their workplaces and ‘the public square’ (with a particular emphasis on the Gospel of Life, and thus on Christian marriage and the natural family).

Strong men lead strong families. Strong families are the foundation of a civilised and flourishing society because every person is seen as someone with inestimable dignity.

To truly restore a culture of life and a civilisation of love, men must embrace their call to fatherhood, imitating the earthly father of Jesus, Saint Joseph.

For more information about the Men of Saint Joseph group, come along to the enquiry night.

Wednesday 27 September at 7pm
Saint John Paul II Centre for Life
569 Richardson Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland

Or contact Simon Archer:  021 400 729 | simon@fli.org.nz

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