Who has the Rainbow Tick:  Learn which businesses support pervasive gender ideology

Gender ideology has quickly swept the Western world, swiftly permeating large segments of society, including the education of children from the earliest of ages through the New Zealand curriculum. Further, it has become commonplace for businesses and organisations to "virtue … Read more

WATCH: Supporting people with same-sex attraction to live chaste lives

Increasingly, gender dysphoria and same-sex attraction are lived realities for some people, most especially in Western countries. The prevailing attitude is that these attractions and a LGBTQ+ lifestyle should be embraced. However, Father Bochanski from the Courage apostolate believes that living … Read more

Auckland Council subsidizes conference on queer polyamory

Auckland Council has chosen to subsidize a one-day conference exploring queer polyamory relationships. The conference is entitled “Poly Panel, Discussions around Queer Polyamory” and is described on GayNZ as “a one day event exploring a framework of ethical, healthy polyamory relationships.” … Read more

A Pro-life view of ‘Tolerance’

"Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions.” G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936) Something about ‘tolerance’ has always made me uncomfortable. I’ve long been aware that the loudest preachers of tolerance are the ones who are the most intolerant of … Read more

Catholic Bishops consider passing of Same Sex Marriage Bill bizarre

New Zealand Catholic Bishops who consistently opposed the Marriage Definition Bill throughout the Parliamentary process have expressed their deep sadness that, despite the fact that such a large percentage of the public are opposed to this, it has become law. … Read more