Big Gay Out: Politicians, children and human dignity?

Big Gay OutAccording to news reports, politicians flocked to the Big Gay Out yesterday, taking the opportunity to remind festival goers that they had voted to redefine marriage last year.

The Prime Minister, John Key, attending for the 8th time, happily posed for photos with drag queens and scantily dressed topless men, while declaring the event a “celebration of diversity in New Zealand.”

Taking credit for helping the marriage legislation to go through, Key told the press, “If I hadn’t voted for gay marriage, it’s less likely that it would have passed.”

Joining him from his National Party were Nikki Kay, MP for Auckland Central and Maurice Williamson, who will go down in history for his arrogant rant at all those who opposed redefining marriage.

Key’s rival from Labour, David Cunliffe, also attended, as did the Greens, and Auckland Mayor Len Brown; each keen to be seen not only as supporting, but celebrating the gay lifestyle.

The Big Gay Out is targeted not only at adults, but as a “family day”.  Face painters and performers were available to help entertain the children and families were encouraged to bring a picnic.  Comments on a Stuff video of the event described how great it was to see so many families and children.

One wonders how parents could possibly think that exposing their children to a constant display of sexually themed dress-ups, music and displays is responsible.

Yet parents will expose their children to even more sexually explicit viewing, when they visit the Auckland Pride Parade on 22 February.  This parade usually features topless women, people wearing only body art and in times past floats with a masochist leaning.

The Big Gay Out and the Auckland Pride Parade are part of the two week long Auckland Pride Festival which features a whole host of events.  The festival is partnered by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (an organisation of the Auckland Council); Unitec; the Embassy of the United States of America; Love Your Condom; the radio station ZM; as well as GayNZ and Peaches and Cream adult shops.  The Big Gay Out is sponsored by the AIDS Foundation and Durex.

Each year the gay agenda in New Zealand is becoming more and more widely accepted.  Children are growing up exposed to lifestyles that only a few short decades ago would never have been dreamed of.  The understanding of family pertaining to mum, dad and the kids is now long gone, and events such as the Big Gay Out further work towards destroying the natural family, replacing it with an “anything goes” approach as long as everyone is ‘loved’ and happy.

It is difficult to see how the dignity of the human person can be upheld at events such as these.  How many people are laughed at rather than with?  How many people are hiding behind their costumes, harboring a deep hurt that even they do not recognize?

What kind of example are politicians, parents and organisations giving children when they endorse these behaviours?

New Zealander’s must remember which politicians flocked to the Big Gay Out.  This coming election is a serious one.  Clear lines no longer exist between left and right, between moral and immoral.  Our vote must be considered very carefully.  It will be a vote for death or for life.

A list of how MPs vote on the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill, which redefined marriage in New Zealand can be found on the Family Life International NZ website.

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