Abortion Legislation Bill: how to make a submission

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The Labour government’s abortion bill is now before the Abortion Legislation Select Committee.

Members of the public have less than six weeks to share their views through the submission process.

Submissions must be received by the newly formed Abortion Legislation Committee by Thursday 19th September.  The NZ Parliament website provides the most efficient way to have your say.

How to write your submission

  1. State clearly your side of the debate: Your first sentence should indicate if you support or do not support the Bill and the action you want the members to do (e.g. reject the Bill outright). Often people who look through the submissions will look for a clear statement to see where you stand. It also helps the Committee know from the outset where you are coming from.
  2. Present your reasoning: This needs to be done in a clear and logical sequence that is easy to follow and clearly states your position.

Steps to making a submission online

  1. Visit the NZ Parliament website where there is a summary page about the Bill and the submission process. Follow the prompts.
  2. It is a good idea to have written out your submission prior to submitting online.
  3. Use only your name and/or organisation name as this information will be published.
  4. Note that everything you write in your submission will become public. In vary rare cases a committee may allow you to submit evidence in secret.
  5. You can choose if you would like the opportunity to speak to your submission.

Who is on the Abortion Legislation Committee?

The Abortion Legislation Committee has been formed especially for the task of hearing the views of New Zealanders.  The Committee is made up of seven members:

  • Hon. Ruth Dyson (Labour, Committee Chair)
  • Amy Adams (National, Deputy Chair)
  • Anahila Kanongata’a-Suisuiki (Labour)
  • Jan Logie (Green)
  • Agnes Loheni (National)
  • Tracey Martin (NZ First)
  • David Seymour (ACT)

What happens next?

After the Abortion Legislation Committee receives the public’s views, a report will be presented and a second reading and vote will take place.  If the Bill passes the second vote the Committee of the whole House takes place.  This is when debate occurs and amendments are put forth.  Finally, a third reading occurs at which point the fate of the Bill is decided.  If it passes, royal assent is granted and the Bill becomes law.

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  1. Thank you for providing these guidelines and links for writing a submission to the Abortion Legislation Committee. God bless you all!

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