Majority of MPs choose ideology over regard for human life in abortion vote

Family Life International is appalled at the blatant disregard for human life shown by the majority of New Zealand’s politicians at the first reading of the abortion legislation bill.

“This Bill denies the humanity of the pre-born child and takes away what little protection they have under the current law” stated Family Life International’s spokesperson, Michelle Kaufman.

“The decision to pass the bill through to the next stage makes a mockery of all our talk as a nation of promoting child welfare and protecting our children from abuse.”

“Our nation’s most vulnerable need protecting for no other reason than that they exist.  They are one of us.  They are our children.  Their location doesn’t change that” said Kaufman.

“Calling abortion ‘health care’ doesn’t alter that fact either.”

The organisation is concerned that in completely disregarding the rights of vulnerable pre-born children, the members have allowed themselves to be duped by an ideology that believes one’s freedoms can infringe on the rights of others. 

“A woman’s rights to her autonomy, can never infringe upon the rights of the innocent human life growing within her.”

Family Life International has walked alongside women facing unexpected pregnancies for almost three decades, working with thousands over that time.

“Every woman’s situation is unique.  All the women who come to us are afraid of something and are often relieved when they realise they are not alone and someone cares.  Nobody wants an abortion.  They want to be given hope and to know that they have other options.”

“We must be there for a woman in her greatest hour of need and offer support and practical assistance.  Offering to do violence to her pre-born child is not going to solve her current problems, it will only compound them in one way or another” stated Kaufman.

Throughout its history, the organisation has provided programmes for women seeking psychological and spiritual healing after their abortion experience(s). 

“The trauma women face after abortion is very real.”

“In this Bill there are no checks and balances along the way, it is abortion on demand.  In decades to come, if this Bill becomes law, we will see an increase of hurting women and broken families, because abortion impacts fathers and siblings as well.”

The diminishing of rights of caring and responsible citizens under this Bill is another concern Family Life International raised.  The group is troubled over the right of an employer to dismiss an employee who conscientiously objects. 

“The bill states that a medical practitioner may conscientiously object, but still has to refer the woman on to the Ministry.  Then, if the employer deems that the employee is a hindrance to the business, it will be legal to dismiss the employee.  This is a clear violation of the rights of the medical practitioner who conscientiously objects.”

So-called “safe areas” also infringe on the rights of ordinary citizens to freely assemble in a peaceful manner.

“People gather at sites where great tragedy occurs in order to grieve and show solidarity with the victims” explained Mrs Kaufman.  “This is normal human behaviour.  A grave tragedy occurs inside abortion facilities.”

“Citizens also have a duty to warn their fellow human beings of danger and to offer assistance where possible.  Caring pro-life people extend to women options that they may not have known existed.”

“It comes as no surprise to me that a government that believes it is perfectly legitimate to exercise its power to remove the rights of the most innocent and defenceless among us, the pre-born child, will also exercise that power to take away the rights and freedoms of citizens who speak out against the injustice.”

“These are not the actions of a free and democratic society.  Both situations set a dangerous precedent” noted Kaufman.

The organisation is grateful to the 23 members of parliament who voted against the Bill. 

“These men and women have the shown where their priorities lie as politicians and are to be commended for their stand in defense of human life.  Those who voted in favour should look to these courageous members and take their lead.”


Michelle Kaufman
Media Spokesperson
Family Life International NZ
Tel:  027 526 1199 |

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  1. A role of a parent(s) is to protect us, not kill us, and when they do kill we ask them to be accountable in a court of law. We spend the first 9 months within the most safest of places until we are able to fend for ourselves, and even then as we emerge in the big wide world that caring and nurturing never ceases. New Zealand has a ‘record’ for domestic violence and successive governments, medical professionals and ordinary folks of New Zealand plead that we break the cycle of abusive. How can we have such objectives when we seemingly cannot protect the most vulnerable. Or do we only look to the certain sectors of our society and judge them for their child abuse meanwhile in an abortion clinic where we are unseen we quietly dispose of our problem under the guise of medical procedure.
    When will we realise that one action is as bad as the other.

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