A dark day for New Zealand as Abortion Bill passes

The New Zealand government has chosen to vote in favour of the Abortion Legislation Bill. A Bill which would remove what little rights unborn children have in this country.

At 94 votes in favour and just 23 against this death government have entertained and sanctioned the idea that

  • the rights of one outweigh the rights of another,
  • healthcare includes the poisoning or violent dismemberment of a tiny, innocent and completely vulnerable human being,
  • humanity is subjective.

Instead of empowering women, they have made women slaves to their fears and at the mercy of those in her life that she wishes to please… the boyfriend or husband who says she must have this abortion, the mother or father that she does not want to disappoint…

A discussion of the Bill can be found in this LIfeSiteNews article.

The Bill now goes to the Abortion Legislation Committee, to which the public will be able to make submissions. Expect this process to be quick.

There were a few pro-life speeches at the first reading, Simon O’Connor’s is one worth watching. In a parliament saturated with a fascination with death, he proclaimed truth with love, compassion and conviction. 

This is what each of us must do. Stay strong. Never give up. Keep fighting the good fight. Do all you can to love, defend, protect and serve life in all its stages, and through all the joys and sufferings. Life triumphs over death.

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