Family Life International NZ holds a prayerful vigil outside Family Planning conference

Prayer at Te PapaFamily Life International is praying outside the Family Planning Association’s Conference today because we care about New Zealand children and women.

Every child deserves to be given a chance at life.  FPA is keen to see abortion scrubbed from the Crimes Act and to make medical abortions more widespread.  Consequently more unborn babies will lose their lives.

Neither can abortion be considered as health-care for women – it is linked to both physical and psychological problems such as infections, infertility and depression. Abortion is not health-care.  We pray that the lies and deceit surrounding abortion are lifted.  Government needs to fund agencies promoting genuine healthcare.

Their educational resources and programmes also have poor health outcomes.  Seldom, if ever, do they mention the positive gains of having one sexual partner for life.  Rather sexual activity is promoted as something to launch into “when you feel ready” and when you are comfortable with someone.  Behind the use of the expression “your sexual partners” is the apparent expectation that there will be more than one if not many.  Yet having many sexual partners not only jeopardises one’s own health but also that of others – it potentially turns one into a public health hazard.  It is no surprise, then, that the incidence and types of STDs/STIs continues to grow.

New Zealand has to ask itself what sort of health education we want for our young.  Do we want to guard their natural modesty or break it down so they can move into a promiscuous lifestyle?  Do we want them to know that true love involves responsibility or mislead them into thinking it’s just about emotions?  Do we want them to respect themselves and others or do we want them to view others as objects to be used?

We pray today New Zealand will choose only what leads to health and happiness for our children’s future.


  1. Wouldn’t be better to say that we care about “men, women and children”, instead of
    just ” women and children” ?

    Aren’t the men responsible for most of the abortions ? In USA, at least, 1 in 4 children are fatherless. Is it true that the situation is similar in NZ?
    God bless.

  2. Very good point! I guess I was thinking of Family Planning focusing it’s health services on women and girls but you are right we care about and indeed prayed for men too. Thankyou

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