Why does Cecile Richards want the Pope silenced?

see changeWhy does Cecile Richards want the Pope silenced?  Specifically, why does Planned Parenthood want the Holy See thrown out of the UN?

I was surprised to see the “See Change” campaign surface again. I thought it had died a natural and much needed death years ago, but no, it’s been resurrected.

This is a repeat of the 1999 attempt to remove the Holy See from the UN. The Holy See’s position on the UN was confirmed, and raised to the status of “observer” by the UN General Assembly in 2004. But “’Catholics’ For Choice” are at it again. They have a new campaign, but the same old goal, of stopping the Church speaking out on moral issues. And Planned Parenthood are supporting “Catholics” for choice, although, you have to visit the “See change” website to find that out. It’s nowhere on the Planned Parenthood’s extensive website. That’s very interesting, as Cecile Richards is very skilled in politics. She is the daughter of a former Texas governor, and was the deputy chief of staff to the pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives.

She is still very politically active, even appearing on TV advertisements to publicly denounce US politicians for not supporting abortion for rape victims. She’s not so loud about her own organisation’s poor record in performing abortions on women who have been raped, and then failing to report the rape to the police.

So why would she oppose the Holy See’s position on the UN? Especially at a time when we have a Pope who has a very nuanced position on abortion, contraception and same sex marriage?

Cecile Richards knows the same thing we know about Pope Francis. While his position on contraception, abortion and same sex marriage might be nuanced, it’s not soft. He strongly defends the churches beautiful and consistent teaching on these issues, but in a way that engages people, and fills them with enthusiasm for the Church. And to Cecile Richards, that makes the Pope a very dangerous foe. So the fact that the UN has already ruled on the Holy See’s position on the UN isn’t relevant to her. The fact that the UN have left the door open to upgrade their non-voting status is a concern for her. The argument was never really about whether the Holy See have the right to be on the UN. It’s simply about silencing any voice against abortion.

Once again, those who preach the message of ‘tolerance’ the loudest, are often the worst at taking their own advice.

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