Proposed Adoption Legislation Discriminates Against Traditional Families

New born babyIt has become extremely difficult for married couples, husbands and wives, to adopt a child in New Zealand. Those approaching adoption services to seek information on how they can become adoptive parents in this country are actually steered towards “lifetime fostering” or legal guardianship only. There is a distinctive anti-adoption attitude and policy coming from the only accepted legal and political adoption service in New Zealand.

We applaud Prime Minister John Key for having “great sympathy” for those wanting to adopt. However he is seriously misguided in his support for adoption legislation being radically changed for same sex couples, even if it is only for the initial reading of that legislation. He declared on national television that as long as the child is loved it doesn’t matter what the sexual orientation of the parents is. This is another anti-traditional family move by the government, lawmakers, and decision makers in this country to break down the traditional and natural family of mother, father and children.

I am very concerned that we as a nation are failing to promote open adoption as a viable and successful alternative to abortion for those facing an unplanned pregnancy. We have a government, that many middle class family people elected to run this nation, which is clearly siding with so called gay-rights.  Children are not a right, they are gift.

Sadly the very families who elected John Key are discriminated against and marginalised when it comes to opening their hearts, homes and family life when they are trying to adopt a baby or child in need into their family.

Any law which opens the door for adoption of those in a civil union opens the door for the continual discrimination of the traditional family.

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