Think Locally: Act Globally … be a part of the global movement for Life!

We often think that the abortion problem rears its ugly head only on our own back doorstep. Naturally we are deeply concerned that here in God’s own we are witnessing the destruction of at least 48 babies through abortion every day … not to mention the hurt, pain and sorrow and the major changes that abortion brings to a woman’s life.

Did you know that beyond our waters the abortion and anti-life culture greatly influences what happens down here in regard to the consistent destruction of human life?  We are subject to the anti-life culture of the IPPF, FPA, the United Nations and the governments of all countries throughout the world. These are just some examples:

  • China’s one child per family policy results in forced abortion being performed day
  • India commits genocide by aborting female babies in the womb
  • Over 90% of children diagnosed with Down Syndrome are targeted for abortion in the UK and now NZ
  • Medical and chemical abortions are on the rise in Europe and other developed countries
  • Ru486 is pushed here in NZ
  • 115,000 babies are aborted daily worldwide! That’s 79 children per minute. Enough to empty around four kindy classes every 60 seconds

We need to join together and fight this holocaust at every turn with prayer and sacrifice as the basis from which we work. Grounded in these we are ready for action and FLI has great initiatives lined up for changing the culture here in God’s own and beyond, as we network and learn from the real experts around the globe.

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of Family Life International NZ. We will be celebrating throughout the year and working harder than ever to promote the Gospel of Life. We are lining up the very best presenters to address our huge conference on Life,  Faith and Family.  ‘Wisdom of the Ages’ will be at the Bruce Mason Centre 21-23 September 2012. MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!!! Spread the word.

You can Google some of the confirmed speakers:

John-Henry Westen from Life Site News. He is a most powerful speaker and a genuine person.  Fantastic!

Sister Paula Vandegaer of Life Services. Sister has many years experience and 44 crisis pregnancy centres throughout the States!

Barbara McGuigan, from Voice of Virtue.

We also have a fantastic line-up for the youth event, so come and be informed and inspired. Come together to be an integral part of the global movement for Life!

As our speakers are confirmed we will advise you. In the meantime if you have any great ideas for FLI’s conference please let us know. Our organising team will be really pleased to hear from YOU.

Together we can make a difference.

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