A Human Face to Protecting the Vulnerable from Euthanasia

This morning I discussed the factual reasons why euthanasia is bad for individuals and society.  This afternoon I have read an article by Maria Vitale from Life News who has written from a very personal point of view of why we must protect the vulnerable from euthanasia.  She writes:

At  work, I spend the majority of my days trying to defend the rights of preborn  children. It is a noble cause, and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to  assist. But my mother’s plight reminds me of the equally daunting task of  protecting those in the twilight of life—those who are particularly vulnerable  in these times, when assisted suicide has become a ballot issue and medical  rationing threatens to become public policy. When she lies in her nursing home  bed and cries out in pain, my mother is just as vulnerable, just as fragile as a  newborn.

Maria rightly points out that her mother’s dignity can never be taken from her no matter how fragile she is.  It is up to us protect those who are most vulnerable whether yet to be born or as Maria says “in the twighlight of life.”

You can read the full article here.

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