Anniversary of assent of the Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act

Baby holding handToday marks the 37th anniversary of the assent of the Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act.

On this day in 1977 our parliamentarians made law the “how to” of destroying innocent preborn children in their mothers wombs.

The Act also put forward regulations regarding contraception and sterilisation.

Shockingly females who have disabilities are at the mercy of their parents, caregivers or medical practitioner as to what they believe to be “best” for her.  It is plausible that a medical practitioner may insert an IUD or implant such as Jadelle without parental knowledge, in the course of treating her.  There is nothing in the Act to stop this from happening.  In fact they would be protected from criminal and civil responsibility.

The Act came into effect in two parts:  1 January 1978 and 1 April 1978.  It goes hand in hand with the Crimes Act, which details the reasons a woman can have an abortion and the ages her child in the womb can legally be killed.

This anniversary will largely go unnoticed by most in New Zealand.  Abortion, contraception and sterilisation have become common place in our society today.  But the Act is an important part of our history.  It is also a big black mark that tarnishes our willingness to protect all human life from its very beginning.  Access to abortion, contraception and sterilisation does not give women freedom over their bodies, rather it enslaves them to a lie – a lie which says women are not strong, that motherhood is a curse to be denied and avoided at all costs.

But motherhood is a woman’s strength!  Through motherhood, we women get to shape the world!

Yes, today is a sad day in New Zealand history.  But there is hope.  There are many who are rejecting the culture of death and embracing life.  There are many younger women rejecting the old feminism and embracing motherhood.

The day will come when true freedom will flourish!

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