The lie of “safe” abortion

Abortion can never be safe.  Any procedure where "success" means the killing of another human being can certainly not be safe.The story of a woman receiving an IUD without her consent at New Zealand’s largest abortion facility should not alarm us.  What is amazing is the fact that this story made the mainstream news at all.

The premise of keeping abortion legal in New Zealand, as it is all over the world, is that it is supposedly safe.  But is it really?

If doctors are inserting IUDs without patient consent, what other dodgy practices are happening within New Zealand abortion facilities?  What complications occur that we never hear about?

The IUD incident is not isolated.  According to the Health and Disability Commissioner’s report there are at least two other times IUDs were fitted without the woman’s consent in the Epsom Day Unit.  There is no way to tell if there have been any more incidents like this we are told by the Auckland District Health Board.  Alarm bells should be ringing.

Just as there is no real way to tell if birth control devices are inserted wrongfully, the recording and reporting of complications of the abortion procedure are just as elusive.

It all depends on what the Abortion Supervisory Committee (ASC) wish to make known.

Until 2013 abortion complications have not been routinely reported by the ASC in their yearly report.  Serious complications, in fact, life-threatening complications happen to women in New Zealand.  This may come as a surprise to many.  After all abortion is supposed to be a “safe” procedure for women isn’t it?NZ abortion complications 2012


Note that a total of 33 women experienced a haemorrhage, either alone or with retained placenta/’products’ (baby parts) or some other complication.

Twelve women had their uterus perforated.

How many women suffered complications that are not recorded here because they didn’t see the provider, they went to the emergency room or their GP instead?  How many women will discover in the future that they no longer can conceive?  How many women will discover their abortion causes placenta previa (a potentially life threatening condition for both mother and baby) in a “wanted pregnancy”?

And let’s not forget death. If any woman dies because of a botched abortion in New Zealand, we’ll never know.  The way our system is set up ensures that abortion will never be listed as a cause of death.

Abortion is never safe for the preborn child whose life is brutally ended.

Safe abortion is a lie that needs to be exposed.




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