National Council of Women choose not to protect women and children by passing abortion remit

Pregnant womanOver the weekend the National Council of Women (NCW) passed a remit which called for the government to review New Zealand’s abortion laws ensuring that a “woman’s right to choose” was protected.

An umbrella organisation, the NCW has a variety of organisations affiliated to them.  These include (but not limited to):

• ALRANZ (Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ)
• Girl’s Brigade New Zealand
• Girl Guiding New Zealand
• Family Planning (affiliated to International Planned Parenthood Federation)
• NZ College of Midwives
• NZ Nurses Organisation
• NZ Playcentre Federation
• NZ Post-primary Teachers’ Association
• Royal NZ Plunket Society

There are also a number of faith based organisations affiliated to the NCW including The Salavation Army, the Association of Anglican Women, the Association of Presbyterian Women and the Catholic Women’s League.

It is known that the decision to accept the remit was not unanimous.

The Catholic Women’s League opposed the remit, speaking very strongly about the matter at the Conference.

In February this year, Ethne Wyndham-Smith, the Social Concerns co-ordinator presented a report to their Board stating her concerns over the “quiet but very forceful push for decrininalisation of abortion in this country, particularly from the Abortion Law Reform Association (ALRANZ)”.

It was also noted that the NCW publication, Circular, had published articles that were pro-abortion.  It seemed that the power’s that be wished to silence the Catholic’s Women’s League on this issue and after some pressure, a letter from the League was finally published.

The Catholic Women’s League has been very supportive of the work of Family Life International NZ over the years.  We know that there are many who are very upset over the weekend’s developments.

It is clear that ALRANZ, who gloated in a press release about the NCW’s support for the remit, is behind this push.  They, and most likely Family Planning, have used the NCW to push their own agenda to liberalise New Zealand’s abortion laws.

It will be interesting to see which other groups have chosen not to protect women and their preborn children and which have stood on the side of life.

The following is Family Life International’s press release on this issue:


An organisation that works with pregnant women who are facing unplanned pregnancies is concerned that the National Council of Women passed a remit over the weekend to encourage the government to review New Zealand’s abortion law ensuring a “woman’s right to choose.”

Family Life Crisis Pregnancy Centres serve women all over the country who are pregnant and feel that abortion is the only solution to their current situation.  With friendly support and practical assistance many of these women realise that abortion isn’t the answer and they choose life for their preborn child.

The Centres also offer post-abortion support for those who are grieving and who seek healing after abortion.

“We see many women for whom abortion was not the simple solution” says Dame Colleen Bayer, the National Director of the Family Life Crisis Pregnancy Centres and its parent organisation Family Life International NZ.

“These women grieve for their lost child and for some there are significant ongoing problems with alcohol and drug abuse and suicidal behaviour.”

Physical complications can arise from the abortion procedure itself.  Information obtained from Statistics New Zealand shows that 67 women suffered significant complications after abortion in the year ended December 2013.  Of those 19 suffere a haemorrhage.

“The National Council of Women has failed to care for women by passing this remit on greater accessibility of abortion.”

Not all organisations voted in favour of the remit and Dame Bayer wanted to acknowledge and thank those member organisations of the National Council of Women who voted against liberalising abortion laws.

“The National Council of Women has chosen not to protect women and children by passing this remit” said Bayer. “Instead they have chosen to push for a procedure that ultimately kills an innocent child and harms women.”

Family Life International NZ runs Crisis Pregnancy Centres in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin, serving pregnant women throughout New Zealand.  Women facing an unexpected pregnancy who wish to discuss all their options can call 0800 367 5433.

Women who have experienced an abortion and seek healing can call 0800 111 811.


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