40 Days for Life: Praying for an end to abortion

Thousands of people throughout the world are preparing to participate in 40 Days for Life, a prayer campaign that seeks to bring about the end to abortion.

This year, for the first time, we will be joining amazing people of faith as we pray outside Auckland Medical Aid Centre (AMAC) and Wellington Hospital (where they perform abortions at the Te Mahoe Unit).  In Dunedin, there will also be prayer outside Dunedin Hospital, held in solidarity with 40 Days for Life.

Prayer must be at the very heart of any pro-life efforts undertaken by those who profess to be Christian, for this is a spiritual battle.  Without God our efforts are powerless.  Through our prayer, humility and obedience we can serve with love all those involved in abortion – whether they be mothers, fathers, grandparents or abortion providers and staff.

“If my people, who are called by my name,
will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,
then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
~ 2 Chronicles 7:14

This is a prayer effort that, we pray, will unite people of all denominations in New Zealand.  Together, let us rise up and pray for an end to abortion.  Let us pray with a faith that moves mountains.  Let these 40 Days be the start of our nation’s healing.

Will you give just one hour of prayer outside an abortion facility during this 40 Days for Life Campaign?  Maybe you can give an hour every week?  Please consider just how much time your can sacrifice to pray for an end to abortion and then SIGN UP NOW!

Auckland Vigil Calendar

Wellington Vigil Calendar

Or for more information, and to contact our Dunedin office please visit the Family Life International NZ website.

“With God, all things are possible!” 
~ Matthew 19:26


  1. Stop wasting your prayers on things that are none of your business, prayers are for quiet contemplation and faith not for public condemnation of anyone

    1. If a newborn baby was being beaten to death in front of me, it would be my duty to do something. Children still within their mother’s wombs are just as precious and just as in need of protecting. We will stand and be a presence. We will not turn a blind eye. We stand with love and compassion and wish to offer hope at a time when a woman really doesn’t see any other way out of her situation. We want her to know that we care and will walk with her for as long as she needs.

      1. Absolutely. Neither will I stand by and do nothing like yourself Margot and allow society to convince us that the life of the unborn is worthless. The whole argument is untenable. Killing it outside the womb you’d raise your fist in anger but inside you go silent. Thank God people have the guts to do something while facing the contradictory condemnation of the masses.

  2. Pray for the children and babies that already live, the babies and children that have no love or hope that are subjected to abuse that live in poverty and despair, save your prayers for them the rest are with God, leave them be

    1. We do pray for the children that already live, and we also offer practical help to families. It is terrible how some children are treated and we deplore that too. But I don’t believe anyone can talk about abuse, neglect and lack of love of already born children without acknowledging the legal abuse of pre-born children in the womb. That is an injustice.

  3. It is you that needs moderating, be a force of care for those that seek it, tis not for you to judge anyone, God bless

    1. We are not judging anyone. Abortion is wrong, it is the taking of a human life. People are involved for very many reasons. Women go for an abortion for many reasons. We offer hope and a path to healing if that is what people wish. We stand there with compassion and love, not judgment or condemnation.

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