Today my heart breaks for those killed by abortion

unborn child alive in sacToday my heart breaks.

It breaks for the millions of babies whose lives have been brutally ended in what should be the safest place – their mother’s wombs.

It breaks for the mother’s who, for so many reasons, choose death and not life.

It breaks for those mother’s who right now are agonising over what to do in order to get through the difficulties they are facing.

It breaks for those who years later are still grieving the loss of their little one.

It breaks for the father’s, the grandparents, the siblings.

Under the guise of “women’s choice”, “reproductive health” and “rights”, governments all throughout the world have sanctioned the killing of the innocents with little thought to the consequences.  Even Ireland and Poland, two Catholic countries, are on the brink of legalising the killing.

So many choose not to get involved.

Yet, this is our highest calling as Christians, as human beings.  For what is left of our humanity if we cannot protect, cannot speak out for the most vulnerable, the most innocent among us?  We are more concerned for the welfare of cats, dogs and whales than we are of our own.

The time has come to push apathy aside.

The time has come to do everything in our power, every single day to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves – the innocent unborn; to reach out a hand of love and support to pregnant women facing a crisis; to love and offer paths to healing for those who have had abortions; to reach out a hand to fathers, grandparents and siblings and acknowledge their loss.

The time has come for the sanctioned killing of the innocents to end.

Out of deep grief can come great courage.  Today, please grieve with me.  But don’t let it stop there.  Please join me, and all those who work tirelessly to build a culture of life, in this great fight for life.

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