pregnant woman with babySaving Downs has revealed today in their blog that Professor Peter Stone who is the fetal medicine adviser to the National Screening Unit is offering illegal abortions to women who are carrying a child with Down syndrome.  This includes offering late term abortions (over 24 weeks) in Melbourne, Australia.

Clearly, there is a conflict of interest in Professor Stone’s position as an adviser to the National Screening Unit as his position is clearly anti continuing the pregnancy when Down syndrome is detected.

It is concerning to think that women may be going to Australia for late-term abortions in the case of a fetal anomaly.  In doing so, the medical professionals would be breaking the law.  There needs to be a thorough investigation into the practice of illegal late-term abortions in this country and the many and varied ways medical professionals get around the red tape.

To read Saving Downs’ blog post on this matter follow the link below.

Screening adviser offering illegal abortions for Down syndrome | Saving Downs.

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