Preventing the spread of HIV

A study has just been released which reveals that one in five gay or bisexual men in Auckland (New Zealand’s largest city) have HIV and don’t know it. One in 15 in the study of over a thousand gay or bisexual men tested positive for HIV. 

The answer apparently to this potentially deadly epidemic, is condoms.  Or so we are told.

The real answer to the spread of HIV amongst the gay community is chastity.

Rather than being just an old-fashioned idea that can be easily dismissed, chastity is a true expression of real love.  All human beings are made to love and to be loved.  Whether we are gay, straight, married or single. 

Love is not sex.  Love, puts the other person first and doesn’t use someone for your own personal satisfaction. 

Chastity is for everybody in every walk of life.  It is an expression of true love. 

One night stands (which is the life-style of choice for many people who are gay) are not expressions of love for another.  These encounters are simply using the other for personal satisfaction.  In the process many, as this study shows, are spreading the potentially lethal disease of HIV to those whom they choose to engage with.

Condoms are not the answer for they encourage further dangerous and irresponsible behaviour.  The real answer to stopping the spread of HIV in this group is for gay and bi-sexual men to love fully by refraining from the sexual act.  Only then will we see the spread of HIV in this manner diminish and eventually stop altogether.

If you or a family member is experiencing same-sex attraction Courage is a very helpful organisation to be in touch with.

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