NZ Teens Tend to Be Pro-Life

A poll undertaken in December by Family First suggests that NZ teens and young adults are tending to take a more pro-life position than not.

The poll asked 600 New Zealand young people between the ages of 15 to 21 three questions relating to sex education, abortion and parental notification.

Sex Education.  A large number of respondents (42%) wanted to be taught sex education that included values, abstinence and consequences such as pregnancy as well as “safe sex”.  Only 19% wanted “safe sex” education without values, abstinence and consequences.

Educators of teens should take note of these results.  The sex education that goes on in many of our classrooms involves graphic details on the mechanics of sex as well as ways to “protect” yourself from STI’s and unplanned pregnancy.  This type of sex education only serves to increase the incidence of STI’s and teenage pregnancy.

In these results we are seeing the innate understanding in young people of the specialness of the sexual act.  These results confirm that young people are wanting to be given the tools so as NOT to have sex.  Sex educators, politicians and curriculum writers should listen to these young people and act accordingly.

Parental Notification of Abortion.  The majority (59%) believed that parents should be told if their school-aged daughter is considering an abortion.

It is wonderful to see that young people are backing parents on this issue.  The law currently states that it is unlawful for a school counsellor (or any other person that a young girl goes to) to inform parents or legal caregivers of the child’s wish to have an abortion.  This, according to the law, is a violation of the girl’s privacy.  A teenage girl could be taken for an abortion without the parent’s knowledge.  Yet (and it has been said time and time again), if the school wishes to take that same young person on a school trip they cannot do so without the parents/caregivers permission.

Abortion is a surgical procedure, that not only has the potential to scar the girl herself (both physically and mentally), but also kills a smaller, even more innocent child.  It seems ridiculous that parents cannot be notified of the situation in a sensitive way.  The results of this poll suggest that young people think it is ridiculous too.

Right to Life of the Unborn Child.  Keeping in-line with recent trends, 56% of respondents said that they believed an unborn child or foetus has the right to be born.

It is encouraging to see that the majority of those polled believe that the unborn child has a right to life.  It is now so easy to share images, ultrasounds and videos of the pre-born child.  How can anyone deny the unborn child’s humanity?  With so many young people seeing this truth, the chance that abortion may be ended is a real possibility.

However, we must note that just under half of respondents to this poll held a more liberal view of the questions asked.  There is much still to be done to work towards a New Zealand where life and love is cherished from conception through to natural death.

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