The Tragedy of Child Abuse and it’s Link to Abortion

Once again the incredibly tragic scourge of child abuse is in the news and nearly everyone is talking about this most horrific crime.

In particular we are remembering two very special twin boys who should be enjoying their first year at school. They should be enjoying the warmth and loving comfort of an adoptive family who would be doting on their every breath and move and milestone. They should be enjoying a family puppy and outings and all the things in life that real families offer their beloved children.

But as we all know, these twin boys died at the hands of an extended, drug taking, careless and unloving family.  A family who did not provide the basic essentials of life for these little ones.  A family, who even after these little one’s death, could not speak for them and bring their murderer to justice.  We all know these little baby boys as the Kahui twins.

The media attention given to every aspect of this horrifying event and the details of the present inquest, along with the impending release of the mother’s story, show us the true power of the media! We are reminded that since the death of these poor little boys, more than 63 other little ones have been murdered one way or another at the hands of so called family here in God’s Own.

It is very interesting to note that the media, the medical profession, the legal profession and even many churches will NOT acknowledge the link between abortion and the needless abuse of helpless children after birth.

We all know that violence begets violence and we are in huge need of a strongly funded research paper on the link between abortion and child abuse. Working with post abortive women it is evident that that they have deep feelings of regret, pain and sorrow in their lives. They will often mention that is very difficult to bond with other siblings of the aborted child due to a disassociation and other very complex problems. I deeply believe that once we have succumbed to the violence and abuse that is abortion, it is much easier to abuse those children who are in our care.

To stem the tide of this shocking abuse in our nation, we need to take stock and look at what is really happening. The evil one has over taken every traditional institution in this country when it comes to acknowledging and nurturing all human life from the very moment of conception right through to natural death.

The media can play the most vital role here of re-educating the nation to one of respect and love for humanity over and above other living creatures.

Years ago when many pro-lifer’s were deeply involved with Operation Rescue, the founder, Terry Randall, openly challenged the media to Show an aborted baby!  Show an abortion taking place on TV every night at prime time for a week!  Show it, and abortion will stop.  Show the reality of this abuse of women and their offspring.

But of course as always, a veil of silence appears.  The steel grid is dropped and nothing is said or done. The powers to be just still churn out more and more PC ideals on all of us who tend to act like sheep and go along with the latest fads of so called women’s right to choose.

This past week alone, we have witnessed the real power of social internet networking, the real power and control of the media on this child abuse manner.

We need to start a revolution to put pressure on the media to show and tell what the real abuse of abortion is all about.

Then we might see a nation that will at least start to think about and see the deeper issue attached to this horrible reality.  The reality that these little boys, and 17,500 even tinier babies who were sucked from their mother’s wombs, cannot go to school and live in a loving family, because they are dead!!

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