143 lives lost to euthanasia and assisted suicide in less than a year

A total of 143 people ended their lives through euthanasia or assisted suicide since November 7, 2021, when the practices became legal in New Zealand. The Ministry of Health release statistics on so-called “assisted dying,” quarterly.  The most recent information … Read more

Large pay outs for NZ health practitioners who provide euthanasia and assisted suicide

On Sunday 7 November, the End of Life Choice Act, 2019 will come into force and New Zealand patients will be able to request euthanasia and assisted suicide.  The lethal interventions will be generously funded by the tax payer. In … Read more

Which MPs voted for the abortion and euthanasia bills?

Protecting the common good of all is a fundamental duty of government. Who then voted for the abortion and euthanasia bills which are fundamentally opposed to life and therefore the good of all? Abortion Legislation Act, 2020 The Abortion Legislation … Read more

September 19 is the day NZ decides if doctors can kill

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that New Zealand’s General Election will take place on Saturday 19 September, 2020.  What makes this election different is the critical life and death referendum that will take place at the same time as … Read more

3 things you can do right now in the wake of parliament passing the End of Life Choice Bill

By now you most likely have heard the news that a majority of politicians voted in favour of the End of Life Choice Bill on Wednesday night.  Needing 61 yeas to pass, 69 did so, while 51 stood up for true dignity … Read more

New Zealand Parliament passes euthanasia bill, public referendum last hurdle

This article was originally published on LifeSiteNews. WELLINGTON, New Zealand, November 14, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – New Zealand’s parliament passed a highly contentious Bill legalising euthanasia and assisted suicide on Wednesday night.  The public will now be asked in a referendum … Read more