40 Days for Life kicks off in 567 locations

A global effort to end abortion through peaceful presence outside abortion centres, prayer, and fasting has kicked off in 567 cities.

You will know this life-saving pro-life activity as 40 Days for Life

Begun in 2004, the peaceful effort has saved the lives of more than 18,000 children; seen 109 abortion centres close after a vigil; and welcomed 211 abortion workers who left the industry.

After just a few days of vigil, reports are beginning to filter through about the answers to prayer. Abortion centres in London (UK), and Chicago (US) have closed their doors, and a precious little one is safe in Philadelphia because prayer volunteers braved the cold and offered hope to one pregnant mother!

The 40 Days for Life backstory

In 2009, Abby Johnson walked out of the Planned Parenthood clinic she was director of and into the back door of the Bryan College Station Coalition for Life. 

It was Abby’s incredible conversion story which was powerfully told in the movie UnPlanned.

And it was the team at the Coalition for Life, headed by Shawn Carney and David Bereit, who discerned God calling them to humble themselves and call on His name.   That great “yes” was instrumental in Abby Johnson’s conversion.  That great “yes” was the seed of 40 Days for Life which has borne much good fruit.

The organisation now operates its Headquarters from the same building in which Abby Johnson used to work, and where thousands of pre-born children were killed by abortion.  A touching memorial for preborn children lost to abortion is now located on the property.

New Zealand joins the global movement to save lives

It is a great joy for all the team at Family Life International to partner once again with 40 Days for Life. 

But even more exciting is witnessing people of varying Christian backgrounds come together with the same desire to end abortion and reach abortion-bound women with life-giving options in their greatest hour of need. 

While it’s a global effort, the action takes place on the streets in our local communities, as each person who participates makes their own great “yes” to God’s call to humble ourselves and call on His name.

40 Days for Life vigils are taking place in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch until Sunday 28th March.

Each day is divided into prayer hours. At least two people are rostered on each hour to ensure the vigil outside the abortion centres can continue without interruption throughout the day.

Will you say “yes” this Lent and join us in this great prayer to end abortion in our land?

Even if you live outside of these regions, or if your health or other circumstances mean it is impossible to be physically present, you can still participate by praying for an end to abortion in your home. 

Sign up today and become part of the peaceful, prayerful global movement that changes hearts and minds and saves lives!

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  1. Can you please inform when the March for Life will take place in Auckland this year, 2021?
    Many thanks,
    Tony Molloy

    1. Hi Tony, the National March for Life at Parliament is on Saturday 4 December. Always the first Saturday of December.

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