Abortion Legislation Bill, prayer, safe areas and action

We live in important times.  Prayer is the backbone of every action to defeat the culture of death that prevails around us.  Jesus tells us “apart from me you can do nothing,” (cf. John 15).

This week New Zealand’s politicians had the opportunity to vote on several key amendments to the barbaric Abortion Legislation Bill.  If passed, the proposed legislation will make ending the life of an innocent pre-born human being essentially as easy as (or even easier than) obtaining services that actually promote true health for women.

The amendments were largely voted down and tell us a great deal about the calibre of people that run our beloved country.

No care for babies born alive after abortion

One of the most shocking revelations of the evening was the discovery that 80 (two thirds) of our Members of Parliament believe that a baby born alive after an abortion should receive NO care what-so-ever.  With no guidelines for medical practitioners, will we see newborns who were intended to be dead when delivered, left to die in sickening circumstances?  Worse yet, will we see them killed outside the womb by those who should be doing everything they can to save his or her life?

Of course, this kind of thinking matches the abortion rights ideology, for if a child is not wanted while in the womb, then it is necessary to ensure that the child’s life is ended when he or she is “accidentally” born alive.  Nevermind that there are countless couples who would lovingly welcome the little one into their hearts and home.

Unexpected victory

There was an unexpected victory for the pro-life movement though. 

After being vilified as intimidating, harassing antagonists by Lousia Wall, Jan Logie and others in the House, pro-life advocates can rest assured that for the time being at least, their right to assemble outside abortion centres is protected.

David Seymour, the man who brought New Zealand euthanasia, and whom despises people with pro-life views, believes in the freedom of speech so much that he had no other option than to put forward a Supplementary Order Paper that would remove “safe areas” from the proposed legislation.

Initially, it was thought that the amendment was defeated after a vote of 59 to 56.  However, that vote was for Clause 5 which sought only to remove the definition of “safe areas” from the Bill. 

Later, a second vote was taken on Clause 7 and the removal of sections pertaining to the administration of the safe areas.  The sections within this clause are most important as they form the substance of the exclusion zones.  A voice vote was taken and the removal of these sections was passed without a request for a personal vote.

Many MPs felt duped, realising the faux pas they made.  In the days since, Andrew Little has noted that, while he is sorely disappointed in the outcome, the government would not be seeking to reintroduce regulations around safe areas as the higher priority is to pass the legislation.

For now, even if the Abortion Legislation passes – which it is likely to do – pro-life advocates will be free to pray and make reparation, to be a sign of hope and to offer practical support to women in their greatest hour of need.  This kind of peaceful, prayerful presence is going to be needed more than ever before under a new regime.

What happens next?

The Abortion Legislation Bill still remains in Committee of the Whole House as further amendments are put forward for discussion.  The debate will take place this coming Tuesday.

We can expect the third and final reading (vote) to take place as early as Wednesday or Thursday next week.

Your voice needs to be heard

Pre-born babies and vulnerable pregnant mothers need you to speak in their defence.  Your voice matters!

Please contact the following MPs urgently and ask them to vote NO to this horrific abortion legislation.

Andrew Bayly, David Bennett, Paula Bennett, Dan Bidois, David Carter, Judith Collins, Matt Doocey, Andrew Falloon, Brett Hudson, Matt King, Ian McKelvie, Mark Mitchell, Stuart Smith, Tim van de Molen, Nicky Wagner

Kiri Allan, David Clark, Kelvin Davis, Paul Eagle, Kris Faafoi, Peeni Henare, Willie Jackson, Jo Luxton, Stuart Nash, Willow-Jean Prime, Priyanca Radhakrishnan, Carmel Sepuloni, Aupito William Sio, Phil Twyford, Poto Williams, Michael Wood

NZ First
Darroch Ball, Shane Jones, Jenny Marcroft, Ron Mark, Tracey Martin, Clayton Mitchell, Mark Patterson, Winston Peters, Fletcher Tabuteau

Your prayers are needed more than ever

If you are in Auckland, please join us for the Candlelight vigil this coming Sunday 15 March.  The peaceful vigil will take place at 7:30pm outside the Auckland Medical Aid Centre (AMAC) in Dominion Road and will implore God’s mercy for those lives lost to abortion and to beg him for an end to abortion in this land.  We will have a time of prayer to specifically pray for the defeat of this Bill and the conversion of hearts of those who govern our nation.

Your presence is also needed during the week at the 40 Days for Life vigils in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.  The peaceful, prayerful witnesses to life and hope of sacrificial people is making an impact which can be proven by the various interactions with the public which take place every day.

Please note that the 40 Days for Life vigils are NOT political protests.  We are there to pray, make reparation for the sin of abortion, offer hope, practical support and encourage a path to healing for those who have been involved in abortion in any way. 

For those who are unable to physically be present at the vigil sites, please keep participants in your prayers.  Please pray for an end to abortion in New Zealand and throughout the world.  Please pray for abortion vulnerable mothers and fathers, that they may heroically choose life for their little one.  Finally, please encourage those you may know who can be physically present to sign up for a particular prayer hour.

The right side of history

In time, when the history books are written for these days, the heroic sacrifices of the few who are now deemed as “deplorables” will be acknowledged for what they are.  For a nation that protects its most vulnerable, its most weakest is a strong nation.  Future generations will realise this.  They will realise it because the battles will be fought, lost, and then eventually won.  Because in the end life triumphs over death.  Of that we have certainty.

So, stand tall.  Never give up.  Be not afraid.  Rise to the task at hand.  Never give up. This is our time to stand up for justice.  We must raise our voices, remembering that we do so only by the Grace of God, in whose image every person is created.

Never forget that in the end LIFE WINS!

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  1. Tena koutou, as a practising Maori Catholic from Tokoroa NZ my wife and I fully support this call to action. I have shared your great call to further action on my twitter and facebook feeds and will send personal emails to all those MPs that have voted in support for a change of heart and mind and for those that voted against to continue to do so. Mauri Ora and God Bless.

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