3 things you can do right now in the wake of parliament passing the End of Life Choice Bill

By now you most likely have heard the news that a majority of politicians voted in favour of the End of Life Choice Bill on Wednesday night.  Needing 61 yeas to pass, 69 did so, while 51 stood up for true dignity and compassion.

You can read more about the vote in my article on LifeSiteNews.

Despite the record-breaking number of submissions received by the Justice Committee (39,000+) and the more than 90% of those submissions which were opposed to the Bill; despite the practical evidence of what has occurred in jurisdictions where euthanasia and/or assisted suicide has been made legal; despite the heartfelt and real concerns of those who are most vulnerable; despite the plea of more than 1500 doctors who are being asked in this Bill to contravene their mandate to care and heal; despite the moral objections of which there are many, the majority of MPs chose to ignore it all, wash their hands of the issue and put the decision to the popular vote.

But we should not lose heart!

Much work has been done!  But people are beginning to grow weary as year after year we fight to keep New Zealand euthanasia free.

Now is not the time to quit!

Here are three things you can do right now that won’t sap you of your energy and will (hopefully) strengthen your resolve to protect people at their most vulnerable.

1.  Take time to be grateful
Send an email to all the MPs who voted against the End of Life Choice Bill and thank them for being courageous, for having real compassion and upholding the true dignity of those in our community who are nearing the end of life and who suffer.  Many of these MPs have worked incredibly hard to defeat the Bill and some of them have even placed their future political careers in jeopardy for their strong stand.  They deserve our thanks!
2.  Take some time to learn more about the issue and be uplifted
Over our 27 years of working in defense of life, FLI has had many knowledgeable and engaging speakers at our conferences.  Take some time to listen to Alison Davis tell her story of suffering, despair and being led to true freedom and a life of hope and joy.  Or hear Alison’s caregiver, and anti-euthanasia campaigner Colin Harte as he discusses the true value of suffering.  Finally, learn from Father Jeremy Palman, about the deeper, spiritual aspects of how euthanasia is a demonic caricature of mercy.
3.  Take time to pray!
The battle against euthanasia and assisted suicide is for all people of goodwill.  There are many wonderful people fighting alongside us who are not Christian, and their efforts and unity in standing up for what is right in this instance is absolutely commendable.

However, here at Family Life International NZ, our faith in, and love for, Christ Jesus, the King, and Lord of history and our Saviour is what guides everything we do and animates us to love our neighbour as ourself.  We firmly believe that Christ is the answer to the current cultural and moral crisis and it is only in Him that the victory is found.

In his book The Day is Now Far Spent, Cardinal Sarah speaks so eloquently of our need for faith:

“To keep the spirit of faith is to renounce all compromises; it is to refuse to see things in any other way than through faith.  It is to keep our hand in God’s hand.  I profoundly believe that this is the only possible source of peace and kindness.  Keeping our hand in God’s is the pledge of true benevolence without complicity, true kindness without cowardice, true strength without violence.  Faith is more than ever a relevant virtue!

“I want to emphasize, too, how much joy the faith brings.  How can we not be joyful when we commend ourselves to the one who is the source of joy!  An attitude of faith is demanding, but it is not rigid or strained.  Let us be happy since we are taking his hand.  Faith gives rise to fortitude and joy together:  ‘The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?’ (Ps 27:1).  The Church is dying, overrun by bitterness and a partisan spirit.  Only the spirit of faith can establish an authentic fraternal benevolence.  The world is dying, consumed by falsehood and rivalry.  Only the spirit of faith can bring it peace.”
The Day is Now Far Spent, Cardinal Sarah, page 338

Do not lose heart.  Keep praying for a miracle, for God hears the prayers of the humble and none will be in vain!

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