Join us in prayer campaign for NZ politicians

Right now the politicians of New Zealand need all the help they can get to make wise decisions which uphold the dignity of the human person from conception through to natural death.

The Threats

On April 9, the Justice Select Committee reported back to parliament regarding David Seymour’s End of Life Choice Bill. The Committee noted problems within the legislation and Seymour himself has also conceded that the Bill as it stands is not ideal for moving forward. MPs will soon vote as to whether this Bill as it stands should proceed further along the political process.

Abortion Law Reform still looms precariously. Under current legislation, initially drafted to recognize the humanity of pre-born children, has seen more than 500,000 nascent human lives killed before birth. Not content with this horrific tragedy, Jacinda Ardern, Andrew Little and their team of pro-abortion zealots, wish to turn gruesome child abuse into “health care”. With the political spotlight turned onto end of life issues, abortion advocates have been quietly working away at their plan to make this heinous crime even more accessible than it already is.

Then there are the many issues in between the beginning and end of life including the homosexual and gender agendas, sex education, parental rights and responsibilities and the significant threat of all reasoned and Christian thought being censored and labeled as “hate speech”.

The current climate requires courageous proclamation of truth. Our politicians, who must make important decisions in choosing life or death for our nation, need our prayers to sustain them through the temptations to compromise on what is right and just for all of our people.

Prayer Campaign

Today, the team at Family Life International will begin a nine-day prayer campaign petitioning Almighty God on behalf of our politicians. We know that it is He alone who can change hearts and minds and it is He alone who is the Lord of life and of history. Will you join us in our intercession for politicians for the following intention?

That the politicians of New Zealand will always seek, in truth, to uphold the dignity and right to life of every human person from conception through to natural death, advocating for legitimate ways to support pregnant women, families, the disabled and terminally ill in their greatest hour of need. May they recognize that induced abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia are all acts that prematurely take the life of a unique individual, are contrary to the natural law, and are detrimental for our society.

Saint Thomas More, patron saint of politicians

Saint Thomas More is the patron saint of politicians and lawyers. He was a good friend to King Henry VIII and recognised his right to the throne, however, the Saint could not go against the laws of God as proclaimed in the Bible and through the Catholic Church. Nor could he go against his own conscience, which was properly formed in the truth. Instead, he joyfully went to his martyrdom at Tyburn in defense of the truth about the indissolubility of marriage.

May our own politicians have the same courage of conviction to defend the truth at all times, even at the cost of reputation, career or even life itself.


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