Abortion is a tragedy for pre-born children, mothers, families and our nation



Family Life International joins people of good will from throughout New Zealand in the second National March for Life in Wellington City at 2pm this afternoon. 

The March comes at a time when the Labour government proposes removing induced abortion from the Crimes Act and widening access as an on-demand “health care procedure”.

“Abortion is not health care” stated Family Life International NZ’s spokesperson, Michelle Kaufman.  “Health care is about providing the medical needs of patients.  It does not end the life of one for the convenience of the other.”

“Today we march in defence of the right to life and proper health care of pre-born children and their mothers” said Kaufman.  “Today we offer hope.”

Family Life International NZ educates on life issues from the beginning of life to its natural end and supports pregnant mothers and their families through difficult circumstances.  It strongly opposes any direct killing of innocent human life, most especially that of our greatest treasure, children.

“More than 36 children are killed every single day through induced abortion in New Zealand.  That is more than a classroom of children eradicated every single day ” stated Kaufman.  “They are violently dismembered or poisoned.  What a tragedy for our women, our families, our nation.”

Family Life International is well aware of the challenges and circumstances that lead pregnant mothers to believe they have no other choice than abortion.  For more than 25 years, the organisation has been serving mothers and families who have felt that abortion is their only option.

“Many of these mothers have chosen to let their baby live despite the very real and very serious challenges they face” says Kaufman.  “We support them in every way we can.”

“Pregnant women need real options, real support, real health care for themselves and their pre-born baby.”

Through Gianna’s Choice Pregnancy Options and Support, Family Life International provide pregnant mothers information on all options, give practical help and support and can assist with maternity care.  The organisation also facilitates programmes to assist women and other family members who wish to find peace and healing after an abortion experience.  For more information call 0800 367 5433 or visit pregnancyoptions.org.nz

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