Dr Wanda Skowronska: Gender fluidity and the flight from reason

In a recent presentation, Dr Wanda Skowronska, a psychologist from Australia, explained how the root of the current gender confusion trend is firmly planted in Marxism, and plays on the desire of people to help those who struggle.

“I think that a lot of people think that to help the ‘other’, the one who is different, is a good thing – and it is a good thing” stated Skowronska.  However “the other”, she pointed out, “has been taken to include anybody with any deviant behaviour, any unusual focus, and so the ‘other’ is now a term used in a very sympathetic way by people who are Marxist revolutionaries and who want to transform society.”

She noted that in recent years new disorders, such as Internet Gaming Disorder and Hoarding Disorder have been added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  In the meantime, true disorders, such as homosexuality and transgenderism have been removed.

“So while it presents itself as a human rights issue, that is to be whoever you want to be, is really at base a philosophical, metaphysical and a political issue.  But its disguised as a human rights issue in a new version of Orwellian political correctness.  Well beyond anything Orwell could have thought of” noted Dr Skowronska.

Further explaining the link between the gender identity crisis and Marxism, Dr Skowronska described how one key idea in Marxism is that there is no such thing as a human nature.

“In Marxism that was a classic belief – that you are not born with a nature – there’s no such thing as human nature, there’s no such thing as being.  It did away with all western philosophy … you are simply born as a blank slate and the society will form you.  That was the idea behind communism and its now the idea behind this sinister form of Godless life which is called cultural Marxism.  It’s not a lighter form of communism.  In a sense it is more sinister.”

However, she also noted that there is hope.  Both Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI have spoken out against gender ideology and there are brave people willing to share their own experiences, such as Walt Heyer, and to speak the truth in love.

“That is the challenge for us” concluded Dr Skowronska being willing “to speak in loving truth to these people, and to do the best we can to help them.”

Dr Wanda Skowronska was in Auckland, New Zealand at the beginning of October 2018 for Family Life International NZ’s pro-life, pro-family conference Living the Splendour of Truth.

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  1. I cant say homosexuality is abnormal. We are above animals, yes. However, as Gd permits, we have to understand it exists. The nature or nurture is left to debate.

    Trans and Queer theory is surely something totally divorced from reality. I don’t want to get into the specifics. The science is so biased and shaky you have to wonder if it’s just a way to get more consumption rolling (take a transsexuals clothes off and whatever they identify as is still laid bare- the internal argument is still going to be just your personality and dysphoria proves the madness. Who would want to actually rend their genitals into pieces?).

    Despite this, I take a religious stance. Sex for fun is a sin. Homosexuals cant reproduce. Ergo, sin. Not because they are gay. I dont think they should be able to marry but I do think the state should make it so the people involved actually get equal rights. As it stands, civil partners cannot claim money from a deceased partner untaxed, where straight and married can. Is the logic that since they lack children they can be taxed? I know not.

    However, that aside, homosexuality is not so abnormal but in some ways it comes off this way. Trans are totally bonkers and so are the other multisurfaceicbmpredatordrones, too.

    Rooted in cultural Marxism though…I agree. Somehow the idea we are born to learn and adopt and mold within society angers people. In some it seems to provide an excuse for excess. Regardless of whatever it is, it gives me a headache.

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