Parents as primary educators and the dangers of sexuality education

Right now my husband and I are engaged in discussions with not one, but two of my children’s schools regarding their so-called sexuality programmes.

This isn’t anything new.  I have been working for Family Life International since its inception when I was just a teen.  Over the years there have been many stories from concerned parents.  Our team have viewed and reviewed various programmes and assisted parents in their battles.  The agenda of sexuality educators, often trained up by Family Planning (or their cohorts), which spread a distorted view of human sexuality and ignore the primary rights of parents to educate their children in these matters is not new and neither is the resistance to it.

You too, will have your stories to tell.

Contraception, masturbation, fornication, abortion, consent (which is really just a sad guise of saying if we all agree to use each other, then anything goes), are all discussed within sexuality classes.  Gender identity has become the catch phrase of the time, influencing schools who are making all sorts of accommodations for students who self-identify as being something “other” than the God-given genders of male and female, or who wish to engage in same-sex liaisons.

Sadly, this so-called education in sexuality, with a secular view of the human person and an emphasis on a selfish giving in to the passions, is not just confined to our public schools.

Masquerading as science, health and puberty education is training that desensitizes our children to a world-view that contradicts the Church’s beautiful teaching about the human person, love, chastity, self-giving and sacrifice.  This kind of education threatens the good of our children leading them only down a path of destruction.  We need not think that the discussion of these topics is only restricted to these classes either.  Any teacher, of any subject, with an agenda to push, will find a way to do it.

Many sexuality educators, in an attempt to be engaging, will employ crass and immature methods to get their point across.  In one recent example, students walked into their classroom only to be met with the music video of Salt N Pepa’s song “Let’s talk about sex” playing loudly.

Lumped in together, children’s individual development is dismissed and the natural modesty about their bodies is forgotten.  Oftentimes, parents have little, to no say, in the development of any sexuality programmes, and they and their children can be ridiculed for removing their children from the classes.

In 1996, the Pontifical Council for the Family issued a document entitled The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality.  It is critical that parents, grandparents and educators are familiar with its contents.  It is a very important document which provides practical guidelines for both parents and educators who have an opportunity to work together, as needed, for the good of all children.

It must be said that there are good teachers and counsellors in our schools who wish to lead students to true freedom and a right-ordered understanding of themselves and others.  They must be commended for all they do to protect the children in their care and to uphold the rights of parents as first educators.

Unfortunately, there are also many educators and parents, who have brought the lie that children and young people must have free access to sexual information, contraception and abortion.  More and more people cannot see the great deception in gender ideology and the absurdity of the consequences of denying maleness or femaleness.

Family Planning and their cohorts know the importance of getting parents onside and they are doing this well.  It is easy to hook a generation of parents who have already been indoctrinated as youth.   Now living the consequences of so-called “sexual freedom” which was dangled in front of them, many cannot see that the same fate will befall their children.

No parent should ever feel like they have to fight their child’s school on these matters, least of all Catholic schools.

We need to teach parents the beauty of human sexuality so that they can live in true freedom and be great, even heroic, examples to their children.  As primary educators they are then have the power to impart their knowledge, gained through education and experience, to their own children, providing them with a balanced understanding that readily acknowledges the need for chastity, self-control, and a true love of self and neighbour.

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