John Paul II Centre for Life Dunedin ready to help

Otago Daily Times 2Recently Family Life International NZ were asked by active pro-lifer’s in the Otago and Southland regions of New Zealand to open a John Paul II Centre for Life in Dunedin.  The request came from a desire to have a physical place where women and girls facing an unplanned pregnancy could come for practical assistance and be given accurate information on all her options – adoption, parenting and abortion.

With the blessing of Bishop Colin Campbell and the Council of Priests, offices were found at 36 Filleul Street and are now furnished and ready to receive visitors.  An introductory training afternoon for volunteers was held recently in the large meeting room there.  The Centre also has a lovely, bright room for private meetings with those who come.

The Dunedin John Paul II Centre for Life is being managed by Frank Fisher, a husband and father of six children who has a scientific background in microbiology and molecular biology.  Frank has been a part of the Family Life International team for at least 12 years and we are very privileged to have his scientific expertise on tap!

Frank is supported by a large number of volunteers, both young and old, male and female, all keen to be a part of this exciting new venture.

Currently, the free call Option Line 0800 367 5433, is being answered by Clare who runs the Wellington John Paul II Centre for Life.   However, it is intended that eventually calls from the Otago and Southland areas will be answered through the Dunedin office.

There has been some interest in the Centre by the Otago Daily Times, who have now written two stories.  The latest appeared on Saturday and appears to be quite positive.

Dunedin Hospital carried out 740 induced abortions in the year ended December 2012.  Around 300 abortions have been carried out at Southland Hospital, since it first began offering abortion in September last year.

Family Life International hopes that by having a presence in the area, more women will be given the hope and support they need to choose life for their unborn children and for themselves.

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