10 things you should know about New Zealand’s “Family Planning”

Family Planning“Family Planning” is a name most New Zealander’s have heard. If you are under the age of 40, chances are pretty high you, or a friend have been to one of their clinics, talked to a nurse on the phone, or come into contact with their literature either through school or your local medical centre. “Family Planning” have a really strong presence in New Zealand society, but do you know what their mission is and how that ideology impacts on our culture?

The following are some points that everyone should know about this New Zealand Government-funded organisation.

1.  Family Planning are one of the top abortion referrers in New Zealand
And they have no qualms about referring teenage girls (without their parents knowledge) off for an abortion.  They need to have this back-up for women and girls who find themselves pregnant after listening to Family Planning’s advice that

The only way to be absolutely sure you won’t/don’t get pregnant is not to have sex.  But if you do decide to, then you need to make sure you’re as safe as possible.  That means you are protected against becoming pregnant when you don’t want to have babies or becoming infected with a Sexually Transmissible Infection (STI).  (Source: The Word)

2.  Family Planning offer medical abortions at their Tauranga clinic
A license has been granted by the Abortion Supervisory Committee to Family Planning Tauranga to provide an early (up to 12 weeks) abortion “service”.  Using the drug mifepristone (otherwise known as RU-486 or the ‘abortion pill’) the demise of the unborn child can be brought about. This clinic is the first in New Zealand to offer abortions, although it is not their first attempt.  It is likely that some time in the future Family Planning will apply for licenses for other clinics.

3.  Family Planning want to decriminalise abortion
Not happy with New Zealand’s current law which in practice is abortion-on-demand, Family Planning have joined forces with the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ) and Women’s Health Action, among others, to call for decriminalisation of abortion.  They call abortion “an essential women’s health service”, and the requirement to see two certifying consultants before the abortion is approved is seen to nullify the woman’s autonomy.  Under the name of “choice” and “health services” Family Planning want to make abortion even more easier to access in New Zealand.

4.  Family Planning push contraceptives and abortifacients
On the surface it might look to most people to be a great service to the community for Family Planning to be actively promoting and handing out contraceptives to young people.  Surely, many believe, this will keep youth from falling pregnant and contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)? But there is much that the general public are not told about contraception, for example:

    • In 2012, 47% of all abortions were performed because contraception failed.
    • Of that 47%, 4140 abortions occurred because of condom failure; 1551 were because the combined oral contraceptive failed; other methods listed included the progesterone-only contraceptive pill, emergency contraception, Depo Provera, IUDs and long-acting contraceptive implants.
    • Some contraceptives are actually abortifacient (meaning they cause early chemical abortions by making the womb hostile to implantation of a newly conceived embryo).  Ones to watch out for are the combined oral contraceptive, IUDS and long-acting contraceptive implants (like Jadelle).
    • There is a link between breast cancer and oral contraceptive pill use which is ignored (there is also a link between abortion and breast cancer).
    • The STI rate in New Zealand has been increasing since the long-acting contraceptive implant, Jadelle, has been made essentially free to get.

5.  Family Planning have 30 clinics throughout New Zealand and 32 school-linked clinics
While Family Planning “serve” people of all ages, their real target audience is New Zealand’s youth.  Under 22’s have free visits and there are 32 secondary school-linked clinics which occur either in or near secondary schools.  Family Planning clinics offer, among a few others, contraception, including emergency contraception; STI checks; the HPV vaccine; vasectomy; pregnancy tests and abortion referrals (and procedures in Tauranga).  These are the “services” that they are offering young people under the age of 22 and they are offering it in some of our High schools.

6.  Family Planning promote graphic sex education
It is a fallacy that more comprehensive sex education at younger ages brings about better “sexual health” and less teenage pregnancies.  Since sex education was introduced into New Zealand schools, the teenage pregnancy rate has soared, as has the incidence of STIs.  Sex education also encourages young people to engage in premarital and deviant sex.  When the student’s have to face the consequences of Family Planning’s graphic sex education, they know who to turn to for “help”.

7.  Family Planning promote homosexuality, promiscuity and sexual ‘experimentation’
Anything goes as far as sexual experimentation, homosexuality and promiscuity is concerned.  As long as no one is forced into anything and you are “responsible” (meaning using condoms and contraception) then all is fine.  Young people are not encouraged to wait until marriage to engage in sexual behaviour – every relationship should be sexual “if you are ready” in their book.  There is no encouragement for youth who are experiencing same-sex attraction to wait and quietly work through these feelings – no, according to Family Planning if you experience a same-sex attraction you must embrace it, tell the world and explore your orientation (meaning engage in sexual acts).

8.  Family Planning is funded by the New Zealand Government
For the year ended June 30th, 2012 the New Zealand Government (otherwise known as the humble taxpayer) paid Family Planning $10,993,059 to carry out their propaganda work.  Family Planning are a charity and they have their feet firmly planted in New Zealand politics ensuring that their agenda gets through.  Our Government is very grateful for them and are more than happy to bow down to their requests.

9.  Family Planning is affiliated to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
That means that Family Planning have to subscribe to all the things that IPPF stand for and that includes free access to abortion for women throughout the world with no restrictions what so ever. The IPPF has a plan entitled “Vision 2020” in which they are urging governments throughout the world (and that includes New Zealand) to prioritise what they call “sexual and reproductive health rights” (SRHS) as central in achieving sustainable development. In 2010 Family Planning were re accredited by IPPF, meaning that all standards and responsibilities of membership were met.

10.  Family Planning works in the Islands with their organisation Family Planning International
Working with partner organisations like Planned Parenthood and YWCA, Family Planning International spreads their reproductive and sexual “health” agenda throughout the Islands.  They plan to influence policy makers in our Pacific neighbour countries, forcing Western ideas about contraception and population control onto the cultures despite their religious and cultural beliefs in the area of sexuality.  Right now they are working in the Solomon Islands indoctrinating both men and women with their biased “sexual and reproductive health and rights education”.  Family Planning International is also working in Kiribati (which according to their website is the most exciting programme they have ever done).  Here, they are holding advocacy workshops for local Church leaders encouraging them to promote contraception amongst their congregations.  This is precisely what Margaret Sanger did in her day when she had the Black Church Ministers preach contraception to their congregations.

Family Planning is NOT a health organisation. It is in the sex business and it lures into sexual lifestyles with all the trauma and diseases that lifestyle brings.






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