John Paul II Centre for Life to open in Dunedin

Family Life International NZ today announced that they would be opening a new John Paul II Centre for Life in Dunedin within weeks.

There are two Centres already established in Auckland and Wellington which provide free pregnancy tests, counseling for women facing an unexpected pregnancy, practical help and support, advocacy and support for families who have received an adverse prenatal diagnosis as well as counseling after abortion.

Family Life International’s John Paul II Centres for Life are also a base for educational work on life issues such as presenting Theology of the Body to youth and holding educational seminars on life issues in the context of Catholic morality.

The team at the Dunedin John Paul II Centre for Life will be networking and liaising with other pro-life, pro-family groups in the Southern region.

Dunedin Hospital performed 778 abortions in 2011, an increase from 2010 which saw the hospital perform 576 abortions.

“The people of Dunedin have long seen a need for a crisis pregnancy centre in the Otago region” Dame Collen Bayer, National Director of Family Life International NZ said. “With the significant increase in abortions performed at Dunedin Hospital between 2010 and 2011 it is timely that we set up a Catholic Centre for counseling and education.”

Bishop Colin Campbell, Bishop of Dunedin, phoned Dame Colleen yesterday to express his delight that Family Life International were able to set up a John Paul II Centre for Life in his Diocese and explained that the venture had great support from the Council of Priests.

“It is a great privilege and responsibility for our organization to become more firmly established in the region” related Dame Colleen. “We look forward to serving the Dunedin Diocese in the very near future.”

The organization has an office in mind, and hope to open the Centre doors within the next few weeks.

Women and girls who think they may be pregnant and need help can call the New Zealand wide Option Line 0800 367 5433 or visit

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