Courageous mum offered apology from hospital

The courageous mum, Toni, who refused an abortion after medical “experts” told her that her unborn baby would not survive, has been given an apology by Waikato Hospital.

Representatives from Waikato Hospital, who initially saw Toni, visited her at home and apologised that the service she received was “not up to scratch”.  They are still working through the families concerns.

Toni had been diagnosed with preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM) during her pregnancy with daughter Ava.  Doctors at Waikato Hospital told Toni after scans that her baby would not survive and had no facial bones and organs were missing.  She was advised to “terminate”.

Toni and her family did not give up hope.

From 26 weeks, Toni was seen at Auckland Hospital which specialises in high-risk pregnancies.  At 30 weeks she was advised again to abort her baby.  Toni, once again refused.  She delivered her daughter, Ava, two weeks later.

Toni and her daughter Ava.
Toni and her daughter Ava.

Ava was born with none of the conditions diagnosed in-utero.  However she did have a relatively common “horseshoe kidney” which had been missed.

The NZ Herald reports that an estimated 1800 babies are delivered after PPROM diagnoses every year in New Zealand. Of those, most are healthy.  It is thought that around 25 neonatal deaths are related to PPROM.

Toni has yet to receive an apology from Auckland Hospital.  One that is surely warranted after Toni was told “This is not a Woman’s Weekly article, this is not going to be a miracle pregnancy, this baby is not going to survive.”

Ava’s grandmother, Janinie, wants doctors to give good advice in these situations, advice that includes other options other than termination.

Ava is one year old now, and doing well, all thanks to her Mum and family, who, in the face of adversity, did not give up hope.

“Compassion can be a bridge either to despair or to hope.  As a mere feeling that seeks to remove the sufferer since it finds suffering unacceptable, compassion leads to despair.  As a virtue rooted in love, compassion leads to another virtue rooted in love – hope.”
~ Donald DeMarco


  1. Indeed, courageous mom….and she had the support of her family !
    I wonder what a father would do in a similar case.

  2. only 25 deaths from 1300 cases per year and they recommmend abortion? the medical community appears to be worshipping death.

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