Not all homosexuals want to marry or adopt

the family one mama and one papaLast weekend’s march against same-sex marriage in France attracted up to 1 million people and was attended by a large number of homosexuals who say that the vocal homosexual lobby is not representing all people who have a same-sex attraction.

LifeSiteNews reported that a new group, “Homovox“, is opposed to the proposed French legislation to legalise homosexual marriage, and that most homosexuals do not want to marry or adopt children.  They went on to say that:

“French lesbian Nathalie de Williencourt says she decided to create the group as a result of her frustration over a vocal homosexual lobby that has been unquestioningly accepted as the mouthpiece of all of the country’s homosexuals… “They don’t feel represented by activists that they haven’t chosen, who steal the stage from a silent majority,” she told the French magazine Christian Family. “Many feel belittled, mistreated by this array of demands that stigmatize them.”

It would be wise for governments all across the world, who are contemplating legalising same-sex marriage, or who have already done so, to be certain that they are not listening to the vocal minority.  Leaders of countries must listen to the many voices (and the evidence they present) – both heterosexual and homosexual, who oppose legalising same-sex marriage and adoption.  When they do so, they may just find that it would be imprudent to pass legislation that allows these unions, and the subsequent adoption of children.

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