Powershop Advertising Offensive to Catholics

There’s nothing quite like seeing something you’ve heard about for yourself. Today, quite by chance, I drove past not one, but at least four of Powershop’s incredibly offensive advertising posters. These posters depict Pope Benedict XVI blessing the marriage of two men, with the words “same power, different attitude”.

The advertising is in Auckland and Wellington.  I have also just seen it on Newstalk ZB’s website.  It is possible it is on other websites as well.

If you follow Family Life International NZ on Facebook, you will have seen that we are asking people to make a complaint.  You can also make a comment on Powershop’s Facebook page, or on their website set up for this purpose..

This advertising campaign attacks the Catholic Church’s teachings on the sacredness of marriage being between one man and one woman – and open to the gift of life.

Powershop’s advertising posters in this instance are most definitely an attack on the rights of Catholics and indeed the right of all Christians to believe and make those beliefs known in the public square.

Powershop is owned by Meridian Energy, a state owned enterprise.  Right now, the issue of same-sex marriage is before Parliament – the Marriage Ammendment Bill, which seeks to allow same-sex marriage, is awaiting it’s second reading.  Powershop’s advertising campaign in this instance is entirely inappropriate.

On their blog Powershop write:

“We live in a world that has embraced freedom and equality. If something’s working for you and it’s not hurting anyone else, then we support your right to do it. We also believe it’s the responsibility of anybody in a position of power to consider whether their exercise of that power is bringing a greater or lesser happiness to the world. And we know that applies to us as much as anyone.”

Powershop fail to recognise that our actions, whether it is obvious or not, have the potential to hurt society as a whole.  I also challenge their inferred meaning that the Catholic Church’s teachings on sexuality, marriage and family brings less happiness to the world.  The individual is responsible for their own happiness.  There are some things that are enshrined in natural law.  We cannot change that which nature has dictated.  True happiness comes from following all that is true, good and beautiful, even when it means making sacrifices.  I would argue that those who follow the Catholic Church’s teaching of sexuality, marriage and family, are overall more happier than those who choose to reject that teaching.

Powershop seems to keep apologising, however their apology is not sincere.  If it was they would remove all the advertising in this campaign from every media, despite the loss of costs already incurred.

I urge all New Zealander’s, especially Catholics and our brothers and sisters from other Christian denominations to make a stand on this issue.  Let your voice be heard.

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