Euthanasia Back on the Agenda

Euthanasia: Killing or Caring?It has been revealed that Nelson Labour List MP, Maryan Street is intending to submit a Private Member’s Bill legalising euthanasia in New Zealand.

The Nelson Mail reported on Saturday that the MP would be submitting “an end of life choice” bill in about a month.  In New Zealand, a Private Member’s Bill needs to be picked out of the ballot in order to be considered.  Some Bills never make it to debate, let alone voting.  

The first such Bill was introduced in 1995 by Michael Laws.  That Bill was defeated 61 against to only 29 for.  The issue was again raised in 2003 by Peter Brown, a NZ First MP.  That time legalisation of euthanasia was only narrowly missed with a vote of 60 against and 58 for.

If Maryan Street’s “end of life choice” Bill makes it to the debating chamber, New Zealand could very well find itself a land where it is legal to kill those who wish to die before their natural time.  Any door opened to legalised euthanasia will inevitably lead to involuntary euthanasia, where those who are most vulnerable will be killed without their knowledge or consent.

Family Life International NZ is absolutely opposed to any legalisation of euthanasia.  All human life is precious.  We as a society, and even more closely, families, are called to care for with true compassion those in our midst who are suffering at the end of their days.  Our government should be putting more emphasis on and indeed funding Hospice, who do such a marvellous job of providing palliative care for those who are dying.

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