Contradicting the Value of Preborn Children

Last week tragedy struck a family who were pregnant with 32 week old twins.  One twin was found to have a congenital heart defect which for the parents was enough to warrant a death sentence.  The “procedure” was duly carried out and one baby’s heart was injected in order to stop it beating.  The doctor got it wrong.  It was in fact the healthy baby who was killed in this instance.  Rather than stop there, the need to end the life of the baby with a heart defect was so strong, that they then had to deliver that baby by ceserean section.  One wonders how this precious baby died, for if born at 32 weeks there is a reasonable chance of survival (even with heart defects).

Why is it okay to kill a baby who may not be “perfectly formed”?  Why is it a tragedy that the sibling who was deemed to be “perfectly formed” was killed by mistake?  If logic prevailed then all people would see the tragedy in both babies deaths, not just of the “healthy” baby.

Why is it that society accepts that it is a child in the womb whom is being killed, but gives all rights to the mother and none to the child?

Governments have allowed shoddy laws to be flouted.  In New Zealand we have abortion on demand despite the law.  Agencies and individuals have been allowed to speak loudly in support of killing the preborn, while anyone who would speak up for these most defenseless of human beings are silenced.  Little by little the thinking of society has changed to the point where we feel sorry for the couple in Melbourne and their tragic loss, not because they lost both babies, but because the seemingly healthy baby was accidently aborted.

Once upon a time many in the pro-life movement believed that if people could just see the preborn baby then they would realise that abortion was killing an innocent child.  However, today, there are images of preborn babies everywhere; pregnant women can have 4D scans of their child; images are used in advertising; videos of fetal development are freely available on YouTube and shared on social networking sites like Facebook.

No one can seriously deny the humanity of the preborn child.  It is a scientific fact.  Yet still we kill.

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