Pro-Life Politics

The elections are over.  The people have spoken and New Zealand will be goverened by a National-led government.  We are yet to see exactly how that government will look, and what deals John Key will do with the minor parties.  We can expect, I believe, more of the same in regard to policy that is concerned with the dignity of the human person from conception through to death.  Although with each successive term, we find ourselves sliding further down the slippery slope.

This election a great number of pro-life voters let the track records of parties and candidates lead their decision making.  This resulted in quite a number voting for the Conservative party and NZ First as both of these parties had the most pro-life/family policies.  Unfortunately, the Conservatives did not make it into Parliament as Colin Craig did not win Rodney.  Of note though is the fact that they won 2.7% of New Zealand’s vote (more than the Maori Party, Mana and United Future each received individually).  This should send a clear message to those who did make it into Parliament.

We are now counting on Winston Peters and his NZ First politicians to give the unborn, the elderly and the vulnerable “a fair go”!  Unfortunately it appears that we cannot count on any NZ First candidates to vote against any legislation brought before the House on decriminalising euthanasia.  And we can be sure that euthanasia will be an issue raised in parliament this term.

Of course there will be other life issues that politicians will want to liberalise as well.  We should note any moves on more graphic sex education in schools; allowing surrogacy for IVF couples, genetic screening; stem cell research; parental notification for school girls seeking abortion;  powers given to the Abortion Supervisory Committee and abortion consultants; forcing medical staff to go against their consciences; redefining marriage; euthanasia; as well as any other legislation which is contrary to a culture of life.

We must not fall asleep in complacency, but rather stay wide awake and pro-active, so that all who have the privilege of living in this country – both born and unborn – may be given the protection and dignity they deserve.

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