Top 10 pro-life articles of 2020

At Family Life International, we strive to bring you relevant and informative pro-life and pro-family articles that will help inform and equip you as you strive to help restore a culture of life in New Zealand.

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So as 2020 draws to a close, we are sharing with you some of the most read news and information published this year on our site. The articles remind us where we have been, but more importantly, where we are heading.

10. Prayer and Witness outside abortion centres is a concrete way to restore a culture of life

Participating in prayer and witness outside abortion centres can be an extremely uncomfortable experience.  After all, you are vulnerable and open to ridicule from people who are hurting or who have a false sense of compassion – nurtured by a culture that has lost all notion of the sanctity of human life. Yet, despite the uncomfortable feelings, being present where abortion actually takes place is a vital witness FOR life, hope and truth. This article explains how your peaceful, prayerful presence assists in restoring a culture of life in a very tangible way.

9. Sexuality Education: 6 proactive tips for concerned parents

Sexuality education is an ever-present problem for concerned parents.  The growing tsunami of progressive sexual attitudes heightens the natural desire to protect our children’s innocence.  With so much happening, and very quickly, it can be difficult to know how to embrace the role and duty as primary educators of our children. Learn how to navigate difficulties in schools even before they arrive, and be encouraged in your duty as a parent to surround your children with all that is true, good, and beautiful.

8. NZ abortion statistics 2019

Reported induced abortion statistics enable us to gain insight into the practice in New Zealand. Those shown here are a snapshot of abortion in New Zealand in 2019 – the final year abortion was regulated by the Crimes Act 1961.  Under the Abortion Legislation Act, 2019, future information regarding induced abortion will be supplied by the Ministry of Health.

7. When Grandma is considered a burden: A proverb

Father Linus Clovis pens an insightful proverb expressing the inevitable decline in care for human life once some are seen as a burden. A thought provoking piece for the euthanasia / assisted suicide debate.

6. Abortion an essential service as New Zealand locks down

Earlier in the year as New Zealand locked down to help save lives, and elective services were cancelled, abortion remained an essential service. In the days preceding the first lockdown, the Abortion Legislation Act was passed in Parliament, making abortion a “health service,” ensuring that the lethal procedure would still be available. A commentary on the hypocrisy of doing everything possible in order to save some lives, but not others.

5. St Gianna’s Home for Mothers and Babies opens in Auckland

Saint Gianna’s Home for Mothers and Babies is a hope-filled solution to what is often a very difficult time for pregnant mothers facing an unexpected pregnancy. Family Life International are grateful to Bishop Michael Gielen for making himself available to bless the Home. This article documents the day and the purpose of Saint Gianna’s Home for Mothers and Babies.

4. Scripture References pertaining to the dignity of the human person and euthanasia / assisted suicide

Scripture has many themes that we can use to explain the dignity of the human person, the value of suffering and why euthanasia and assisted suicide are fundamentally wrong. While the verses provided are not exhaustive, they are helpful for prayer, reflection, and ultimately in orienting ourselves to God’s plan for human life.

3. Catholic teaching on euthanasia

The Catholic Church has always held inviolable the dignity and right to life of every human person from the moment of conception (fertilisation) through to natural death. Not only does the Church explain why the direct taking of a life is always evil, but for those who care to listen, she gives her wisdom and offers the opportunity to understand why suffering, sacrifice, and service to another human being are of value – not just in this life, but for the next. This page is a handy reference providing links to important Church documents regarding suffering, euthanasia and assisted suicide.

2. Relationships and Sexuality Guidelines: What every concerned parent should know

New Relationships and Sexuality Education Guidelines which push the gender diversity and inclusivity narrative have been published by the Ministry of Education.  The guidelines are intended for teachers, leaders and Boards of Trustees of all State and State-Integrated schools. This article is a comprehensive analysis of the Guidelines and provides helpful links to relevant materials. A must-read for all who are concerned about the education of children and young people.

1. Abortion procedures

An induced abortion is the direct and intentional killing of a living human being. The methods fall into two general categories – medical abortion and surgical abortion. This article outlines the abortion methods employed in New Zealand as noted on the Abortion Services website (now disabled). A chilling look at the reality of abortion.

And just one more important article that hasn’t had a chance yet to have enough views to hit the list but is never-the-less a must-read…

Auckland DHB’s looking for abortion providers

Auckland, Counties Manukau, and Waitemata District Health Boards have combined a tender for abortion services. Their intention is “to increase equity and access to high quality first trimester abortion services for women.” The Health Boards are looking for providers who will deliver a service for medical abortions up to 9 weeks and/or surgical abortions up to 13 or 14 weeks gestation. An important article which shows where abortion “services” are heading.

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