Second National March for Life has a massive impact

National March for Life 2018

I want to begin by echoing the words of MP, Simon O’Connor at Saturday’s second National March for Life:  “Wow.  Just wow.  What a crowd!”

Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for your support in this great mission to love, protect, defend and serve life!  If you were able to join us, thank you for your sacrifices and your presence. 

The Second National March for Life

People of all ages traveled from throughout New Zealand to send a message of hope, compassion and most of all to defend the right to life of our pre-born brothers and sisters.  We celebrated the great gift of life and we mourned the lives lost and those impacted by the tragedy of abortion in our nation.

More than 1200 people (twice as many as last year) gathered in Wellington City’s Civic Square on Saturday afternoon before marching with purpose towards Parliament where speeches were heard and our friends from Mother of Divine Mercy Refuge performed. 

The pro-life presence in Wellington was so significant that the secular media could not ignore us this year allowing our message to be heard in people’s living rooms and read about on news sites.  (See below for a selection of news links).

MP, Alfred Ngaro gave a heart moving speech where he reminded us that it is activism and service along with prayer that is our mission.    “We need to send a message that in this country we value the lives of children as soon as they are conceived in the womb” Alfred said.  He followed this by saying “You see our second cause, our second march, is to pray and to look for those that are out there that need us, that need us to stand alongside them, that need us to help them and to pray with them… we love them as well.”

This is what we endeavour to do at Family Life International, and I know it is what so many of you do as you faithfully live the Gospel of Life each day.

Our stories

I still miss my baby

Each person that actively promotes and defends human life from conception has a very personal reason for doing so.  Each of us has a moment in time or a situation that has been the catalyst for our activism and commitment to speaking in defense of truth and justice.  Rarely do we share those stories, but they have much power and the ability to change hearts and encourage others to do the same.  The most powerful sign at the March for Life this year is pictured to the left.  Our hearts cry for this mother’s loss, but also rejoice because she has found hope.

Also powerful was the story of Rebecca Loretz, the wife of Michael Loretz who diligently worked with the representatives from the various pro-life groups throughout New Zealand to ensure this March for Life was a success.  Rebecca shared her testimony on the steps of Parliament on Saturday afternoon.

Rebecca and Michael’s story is one of great courage as they chose to give their ninth child a chance at life when all seemed lost and the only solution according to doctors was to abort.  Implanted in scar tissue, the lives of baby Philomena and that of Rebecca was in grave danger.  Still, they decided to trust in God, take each day as it came and through a beautiful miracle both survived.  

The need for a miracle

Our Lady of Guadalupe

A miracle is what is needed today in order to end abortion, halt the train wreck of euthanasia and assisted suicide and all the other abominations against life and family that prevail as they did in the days of Noah.  Hope in this miracle is not far-fetched. 

Today we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose miraculous image remains to this day imprinted on the tilma of St Juan Diego.  In 1531 paganism and human sacrifice were part of the Aztec culture.  Many children were those whose lives were sacrificed.  Yet, Our Lady’s beautiful image told a story to the people in that time and place, causing, in a very short period of time,  the conversion of millions and an end to the human sacrifice.

“Ora et labora – pray and work”  the Benedictine rule reminds us.

Let us pray and work together for the restoration of a culture of life in our nation and as Simon O’Connor said, never being ashamed of being pro-life.  All for greater glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Links to media coverage of the 2018 National March for Life

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