She deserves to be a choice? No she deserves a birthday!

I hope you agree with me that every baby deserves a birthday!

This week a United States PR company, the Agenda Project, produced a seriously disturbing video in support of Planned Parenthood.  The video begins with a beautiful, smiling baby with lullaby music playing in the background.  A combination sure to raise “feel good” endorphins in just about everyone who views it.  At least, anyone with a heart.

The words “she deserves to be loved” appear on screen.  Absolutely.

Then the words “she deserves to be wanted.”

Finally, the video concludes with the words “she deserves to be a choice.”

Let that sink in for a moment… “she deserves to be a choice.

Pro-abortion activists know what it is they are promoting.  They know that abortion kills an innocent human being.  And they don’t care.

They don’t care because the revered idol of “choice” is more important than the life of another human being – especially that of someone far smaller and infinitely more vulnerable than they are.

Then these activists foist their ideology onto the public, playing on people’s emotions and the seemingly insurmountable difficulties in people’s lives.  Once upon a time pro-abortion activists hid behind lies, covering up the humanity of the pre-born child.  However, society has been desensitised so much and has brought the lie that their “rights”, their “autonomy”, their “choice” is more important than precious pre-born life.  This desensitisation allows pro-abortion activists to feel comfortable in acknowledging a pregnancy is actually a baby.  The backlash will not be too great.

The anti-life campaign

Make no mistake, those leading the campaign to have New Zealand’s abortion law changed are of this ilk.

This is an incredibly dangerous agenda and those promoting it will not rest until they have achieved their goal.

Throughout the world, there is a systematic drive to normalise abortion, for governments to remove all barriers to abortion access and to have this abominable act decriminilised.  Nowhere is this more evident than at the UN.

Recently, a UN Committee which monitors the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights declared that the right to life must also include the right to abortion.  According to C-Fam, “the committee says governments must decriminalize abortion in all circumstances and ‘remove existing barriers that deny effective access by women and girls to safe and legal abortion including barriers caused as a result of the exercise of conscientious objection by individual medical providers'”.

Family Planning New Zealand warmly welcomed the committee’s declaration.  This anti-life and anti-family organisation are set to gain impressively if abortion legislation changes in New Zealand, as their clinic “services” will expand to include the killing of innocent children.

The prophet Isaiah warns “woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” (Isaiah 5:20)

Despite the oppressive anti-life drive, we have great hope!  For if wretchedness is to come upon those who promote evil, then there can only be great joy for those who remain in the light.  And light always shines in the darkness.

The pro-abortion activists are intent on saying “she deserves to be a choice”.

We, the people of hope, say “She deserves to have a birthday!”

Be encouraged in the hope that comes from being on the side of truth.  There is nothing to fear.  As the great Pope Saint John Paul II said  “never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.”

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