Welcoming the least in the world’s eyes and the most precious in God’s

I love my life!Recently, Dame Colleen Bayer, the Founder and National Director of Family Life International NZ, gave a presentation “Welcoming the least in the world’s eyes and the most precious in God’s,” at the Auckland Eucharistic Convention.

In her powerful talk, Colleen shared stories of welcoming all people, especially unborn children, who have disabilities – including those whose lives may be very short.

Family Life International NZ has a programme to help promote the acceptance and support of all people with disabilities, that programme is called Missionaries of Love.

Colleen and her husband Terry are the adoptive parents of three children with special needs, two are now adults.  They have spent many years providing support to parents and carers of children with special needs.

As the medical profession becomes more adept at detecting conditions such as Down syndrome and Spina Bifida prior to birth (sometimes getting it wrong), Colleen reminds us that God is calling us to love, really love.  That is, to uphold the dignity and right to life of each individual and to nurture, protect and love them for the days they are given on this earth.


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