The Holy Family and adoption

Wishing you a blessed and holy Christmas

As we prepare to welcome the Christ child, born of a virgin, I find myself reflecting on this incredible real-life story.

God asked Mary to allow the Holy Spirit to conceive a child – Jesus – within her, and to be his mother.  For all time Jesus has existed as part of that great mystery, the Trinity.  Yet, he needed an earthly mother and father – parents to love him and guide him; a family in which to belong while here on earth.

That family came about because of Mary’s great “yes” and St Joseph’s incredible faithfulness.  St Joseph could have chosen to ignore the message too.  He could have abandoned Mary and the child Jesus.  But he didn’t.  He stood firm and protected them both.  A beautiful expression of fatherhood.  A beautiful expression of adoption.

In today’s world, (especially here in New Zealand), adoption has become almost a “dirty word”.  Many people no longer see the beauty in the giving and receiving of a precious child.  Many don’t see how necessary it is for children to grow up with a mum and dad and to know that they belong in a strong family unit.

The great love of adoption has been forgotten.

As we celebrate this Christmas, let us remember how wonderful adoption really is.

May we remember all the selfless mothers who have given life to their babies and have chosen adoptive families for their precious children.  Their love is not forgotten.

May we remember those who have been adopted, those who have had beautiful lives and those too who mourn for the lives they didn’t have.

May we remember the adoptive mothers and fathers who have said “yes” and have loved and cherished their adoptive children, allowing them to know the love of a mum and dad and what it is to belong.

Jesus needed a family – a mum and a dad – while here on earth.  So does every child born into this world.  Adoption is key in our building of a culture of life.  Let us pledge to do more in the coming year to promote adoption as a very real and beautiful option.



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