Men have a critical role in ending abortion

Last week Auckland 40 Days for Life vigil attendees witnessed a heartbreaking story unfold before their eyes.

A distraught father exited AMAC, paced up and down the footpath before approaching our co-ordinator, Mark. This man did not want his girlfriend to undergo the abortion she was booked in for that day. Mark was able to talk to the man offering the practical help that was needed. He walked off with our Pregnant? Worried? card which explains what help we can offer. Shortly thereafter the Police were called into AMAC (we presume by the staff). They stayed for some time, then left. Later on that day, when the abortions were about to take place, the Police arrived again. It is our belief that this man, who had no say in the fate of his child, was causing trouble in his distress. The Police no doubt were called to restrain him while his girlfriend underwent the “procedure”.

Men have been pushed aside. Abortion has been marketed to society as a “women’s issue”. The bait has even been taken by good Christian pro-life men.

But abortion doesn’t just effect women.  Abortion effects men too.

It is vital that as we work to end abortion people see and hear good strong men speaking up for women and for children.  Strong pro-life men need to be there for the men who have no say in the fate of their unborn children.  They need to be there to send a peaceful message of disapproval to the men who gladly bring their girlfriends and wives to the abortion clinic.  Women need to know that not all men abandon them.

Post-abortive men need to share their stories, so that their experiences can be heard too.

Men are critical to ending abortion because they have a vital part to play in the continuance of abortion.

It suits many men that they can sleep around without the commitment that parenthood or marriage brings.  Abortion allows a man to objectify a woman, gives him permission to have an affair, and grants him the ability to wash his hands of the situation when a child is conceived.

The presence of men at our 40 Days for Life vigil outside AMAC has brought both criticism and praise.  The criticism comes from those whom you would least likely expect.  The praise from women passing by, glad to see men being a voice for women and unborn children.

Would the distraught father mentioned above approached our small group if there had been no man present?  Maybe, maybe not.  But he needed another man that day to walk with him.  It will be a day he never forgets.

Now is the time for our men to speak up, to promote life and to uphold the dignity of women and children.  You have a right.  Society has a need for your voice.  Together we will end abortion.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Michelle. I am so glad I decided to join the 40 Days for Life. And yes, that man would surely always remember that day.

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