Speaking up for our children

The last few weeks has seen quite a resurgence in the subject of sex education, what is now referred to as sexuality education, in an attempt to cover up the insidious nature of this abuse of our children.

As a mother of seven beautiful children, I am alarmed at the rate at which things are moving. Just last week on the radio it was raised that sex education should be mandatory for every child. Yes, “sexuality” education is compulsory for all children in Year One to Year Ten, but parents have the right to withdraw their child from the classes. This proposal means that our children would be exposed to explicit, vulgar and value changing “sexuality” education and parents would have no rights to remove their children.

It appears that for the world, taking away the rights of parents to love, protect and teach their children is a #1 priority.

Another shocking resource has reared its ugly head in our country.  It’s the “Every Body Education” programme.  Developed by Kathryn Heape, a qualified teacher and “sexuality” educator, the programme aims to teach children from the age of 5 scientifically accurate information.  That information, Kathryn told 3 News, includes information “about how the baby grows in the uterus, [and] we talk about how the penis’s job is to deliver the sperm to the egg through the vagina. It’s all very matter of fact.”

The Every Body Education programme is already being used in 5 North Island Primary Schools.  Parents are outraged.  And so they should be.  This is unnecessary information, however scientifically accurate, for a five year old child to process, especially when it is given out of context in a classroom setting.

What on earth is Kathryn (who by the way has no children of her own) thinking?

Finally, the Family Planning programme designed for Years One to Four is about to be released in the next few days.  This programme will join several other “sexuality” education programmes produced for Family Planning, all of which provide far too much information, with permissive values attached.  Details on this programme were discussed here and here.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Family Planning and their cohorts still insist on fixing the problem of teen pregnancy, STI’s and deviant behaviour by giving our children more and more graphic sex ed. When will they realise that the solution lies in raising the bar, not lowering it?

Parents, it is our responsibility to protect our children, to ensure that their education in love is one that aligns itself to the natural law.

We need to teach our children that marriage is important. We need to teach them self control and real respect for the dignity of others. We need to do this with the mind of the Church, who teaches the truth.

I never saw myself involved in a revolution. But I think we need to start a peaceful, but truthful one today! For the sake of our children and grandchildren!

Gabriel Kuby an author and convert to Catholicism speaks extensively on the global sexual revolution.  Kuby calls this a battle: “It is a battle for the dignity of man, for the family, for our children, for the future. Ultimately, it is a battle for the Kingdom of God.”

What better things are there to fight for in life?

Will you join us in speaking up for children?


  1. Dear Michelle, THank you for your posts. I am a mother from Slovakia, central Europe. We are also facing the sexual education and relating issues in our country. It is encouraging to hear that there are people like you on the opposite side of the world longing for the same Truth. Please endure.May God bless you, your family and your activities.Eva

    Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 21:31:35 +0000 To: strapata@hotmail.com

    1. Eva,
      Thank you for your comment. How terrible it is that we must fight the same battles even though we are in such different places and cultures! But at the same time how wonderful it is that we are able to be a source of encouragement to each other! May God bless you Eva in all that you do to protect your children. In doing so, you stand up for those whose parents do not know what to do. I shall keep you in my prayers. One day Truth will prevail. Michelle.

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