Stand for Life in Southland

Life Rocks!Today Southlanders for Life will gather outside Southland Hospital to remember the more than 280 unborn babies who have lost their lives through abortion in the past year at that hospital.

The license to perform abortions, granted by the Abortion Supervisory Committee, came into effect at the beginning of September 2012.  There was no consultation with the local community, despite strong opposition.

Fr Vaughan Leslie has told media that “a very significant, poignant and somewhat provocative memorial will be erected to honour the 280+ nameless babies who have had their lives taken by abortion in our Hospital over the past year.”

The number is shocking.  In 2012 here were 257 abortions performed on women whose residence was Southland.  Given the location of the Hospital, one has to wonder if the 280 plus abortions in the past year are simply because abortion is now more easily accessible to women.  The higher number of abortions could also be accounted for by women travelling from outside of the region.  Either way, it is a staggering number.

Today we grieve for the babies, for their mothers, their fathers, their grandparents.  Today, we pray that through our actions and through our love we can form a New Zealand where abortion never occurs and where every woman is supported to give life to her baby, no matter the circumstance. Today we pray for a New Zealand that lives by a culture of life.

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  1. ….” and where every woman is supported to give life to her baby, no matter the circumstance….”

    I would like to add the following:

    …” and where every FATHER is supported to give life/support to his baby, no matter the circumstance.”

    Just a thought…..

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